Cheers and Jeers – 03.27.2014

Cheers and Jeers - 03.27.2014

Dan 'Buddah' Snyder '14, Cheers and Jeers Writer

Spring break is such a tease. Yes, it’s nice to get away from the pressures of school but c’mon, it’s not even spring. Well, it is now, but it took until the end of the week for the official changeover. Even if the calendar says spring, mother nature is still stuck in January as it was 30 degrees and snowing last time I looked out the window. Let’s try to brighten things up as the “hopefully” warm weather approaches for the most infamous day of year. Yeah, you better get excited for Dolphy Day, or I’ll find you.


Cheer of the Week: Bacon Egg and Cheeseburgers

There is something about the way Josh makes them at the Den. Seriously. Does he have some magic touch that makes food taste delicious? Or does he put something in the food that makes it irresistible? Nevertheless, I saw my friend eating one and ordered one for myself. I ended up ordering another [paying the price later of course]. But if you haven’t tried it, go get one. You get fries and a drink with it.

Jeer of the Week: Senioritis

Every year, college seniors say the same thing. Second semester brings out the worst in everyone. People wanna enjoy their last few months spending time with friends before everyone, well hopefully everyone goes off to bigger and better things. But there is one problem… they still have to worry about a term paper that will not have any outcome on their career ten years from now. The motivation to work is at an all time low for most and students just want to do anything they can to make time fly. To you lower classmen… you may think you have procrastination problems, but wait till you get to your last semester at Le Moyne. When that happens, you’ll know what senioritis really does to you.

Cheers to Opening Day

I said I would do this every start to the season, and it’s blasphemous to forget about America’s pastime. It may not be the most popular sport anymore thanks to the NFL and completely overshadowed by college basketball this time of year, but it’s baseball. It’s been around since the black and white days of television and beyond. So take me out to the ballgame, buy me some peanuts and crackerjacks, and remember who won the World Series last year. Go Sox!

Jeers to Freddy P’s Departure

It doesn’t even seem like he was here for that long, but he has done a lot to contribute to the success of this institution. Between the Science Center Addition, the Madden School of Business, the 1.3 million dollar shower – I mean office suite – he really has made sure that this school excelled in many fields during his tenure. The Bilikens of St. Louis will be gaining a great mind.