Cheers & Jeers

Tyler Sperrazza, Staff Writer

One more week. One week from now, we’ll have just one day of classes left to complete. Sometimes, I wish that professors would lay the work on way heavier in the beginning, when we’re nice and fresh, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed after summer vacation. That might prevent the complete and utter stress implosion that comes during these last two weeks. My message to all of you is to hang tough, snuggle up close to Noreen and make sweet, sweet love to her for the next two weeks. Cheers.

CHEER of the week to Relay for Life Kickoff
Go to this event! Tomorrow, Friday in James Commons! Only you can prevent the spread of cancer. Seriously, go. Why are you still reading? Go! Get in line now! Flat-screen TV raffle! Why are you still reading?! STOP READING AND GET IN LINE FOR THE RELAY KICKOFF!
JEER of the week to Registration

It sucks, plain and simple. The computerized process sucks enough as it is. However, going in and having to speak to clearly disgruntled Le Moyne employees (who couldn’t give a crap about your class schedule) is even worse! Le Moyne, we need to find a better system. Perhaps the college could hire additional professors to teach more classes? That way, all of the courses wouldn’t all be closed after day two of registration. I’m sure those McDevitt lawyers could find a loophole somewhere in the contract to squeeze out a couple more professors’ salaries… unless we’re only allowed to use that money to add to the thin veneer of perfection that we present to incoming students, only to have them react with horror when they realize what they’re actually paying $30,000 a year for.


Cheers to Off-Campus Housing

“But wait… didn’t you just Jeer this?” Yes, but this time, I’m cheering the tenacity of the Class of 2014 and the good judgment of Campus Life in preventing the inevitable riot that would have been; Something akin to Dolphy Day, but with the torches being put to actual use. Good work, Class of ‘14! You’ve succeeded in changing Le Moyne’s mind, a hard thing to do these days. Likewise, you got a team of administrators to admit that they were wrong. Well, they didn’t really admit they were wrong, they kinda skirted that issue and chalked it up to a budget reassessment… Okay, they really never apologized – which is kind of a cotton-headed ninnymuggins move. Hey, John Haley, apologize to the juniors! You made a hasty decision without taking students’ opinions into account and then never apologized! Juniors… maybe you should get out your torches after all.

Jeers to Push-Up Counters Outside the Caf

Are we all in the Marines now!? Why are people counting how many push-ups we can do!? Outside the Caf of all places! And the day after we come back from probably the fattest vacation of the year! No. No. No. No. You people stay down at the AC where you belong! Let the rest of us go about our exercise denial and pre-exam stress eating in peace.

Jeers to Christmas Music

You may be asking yourself “Tyler, I thought that you loved Christmas music?” Or thinking “Tyler, aren’t you the one who walks around campus with giant light-up reindeer antlers belting out carols?” Or perhaps you’re questioning “Tyler, who the hell are you?” However, while I do love Christmas music, the radio is really getting to be too much. It’s wonderful that every year a new batch artists release Christmas albums in order to squeeze a little more cash out of the capitalist holiday that is the birth of Christ. But very few of these new tracks ever make it to the radio! Instead, our ears are burdened with the same Johnny Mathis, Amy Grant and Burl Ives songs that we’ve been listening to for years. C’mon, radio stations, get it together and play some of Cee Lo’s new stuff – I hear it’s actually pretty good (you probably saw Daniel Barbour’s review on the front page).

Cheers to Snowy Weather

 Woohoo! Obligatory Cheering of the recent snowy weather! Sure, this weather always happens in Syracuse, however, for some reason people feel compelled to let everyone know that it is indeed snowing in Central New York!

Jeers to Strawberry Jelly in Restaurants

There is none. I went to the Eggplant the other day and all they had was grape jelly for days. Is there still some anti-Communist sentiments going on with these restaurant owners? Anything red is bad? Is this a precursor to another green ketchup phase? Grape jelly is gross, it tastes like medicine. Strawberry jelly is lovely and refreshing. Get it together, restaurants… or possibly just the Eggplant, I realize that this is a small sample size.