Cheers & Jeers

Tyler Sperrazza, Staff Writer

In the wake of all the flak I’ve received for my comments last issue, I’ve decided to be a total ass and ignore all of the recommendations! No. I’m going to try something new and hope to God that newspaper’s layout staff doesn’t kill me. This way, I hope there will be a little something for everyone. The one recommendation I must ignore is the suggestion that I turn to prop comedy, since I’ve failed as a satiric opinion writer. While I do love the genre, the newspaper medium, unfortunately, doesn’t really lend itself to props. Cheers.

CHEER of the week to Freddy P. and his Jeep
I have given this man a ton of crap over the past two months, and he has either accepted all my criticisms in good humor or he has no idea who I am and what I’m writing. For whatever reason, the president’s camp has yet to utter one response to the barbs I’ve thrown, be they at him or his car.  The fact of the matter is that Freddy P., just like the POTUS, has a job to do, and a college to keep afloat. The closer you are to a situation, and the more invested you are in seeing something you love succeed, the easier it is to find flaws with the way things are done, and witness the tensions between students, faculty, administrators and board members. While I disagree with many of the current President’s initiatives, I would never want his job, and I doubt many of his detractors would want it either. So, Cheers to you sir, and may your next four years be even better than the first, and make the changes you think serve the betterment of campus… but please, don’t take away our Dolphy Day.
JEER of the week Student Teaching
Sure, teachers should practice a little before they go into the classroom, and I’m all for practice. But, why do they need to practice every day? And why do they need to practice on Dolphy Day? It is never too early to think about Dolphy Day, as there are only 190 days left before the end of the spring semester! And yet, a good part of the campus will be unable to attend the festivities as they’ll be student teaching. Why not, instead, have their students visit campus on Dolphy Day so their teachers can participate in the fun while the kids can be immersed in the college experience!?


Cheers to Helping Hands

 GoodGuySodexo. They really pulled together and did something remarkable in raising so much money over the past month. I imagine they had a difficult time trying to get students to part ways with their extra cash, as well as encouraging students to actually bring spare change to the Caf. Seldom do college students carry any money on them, especially on a campus that is as “swipe-centric” as Le Moyne’s. Next year, to increase profits, they should institute a bottle n’ can drive. That way, we could all get rid of our nasty, week old beer cans without having to drive them to Wegman’s and Sodexo would get more donations than Sodexo could ever dream of!

Jeers to Guest Chefs

While I appreciate Sodexo and all they do for our campus, I can’t help but scoff at this one tiny habit. They invite these guest chefs from random schools across the U.S. in an attempt to “expand our palates” and “open up our culinary experiences.” No, just gimme a buffalo chicken wrap and lemme watch “SportsCenter” in peace!

Cheers to the random guy in the caf with a guitar
This guy might be my new favorite person. I don’t know his name and I don’t know where he came from, but for a few minutes during the dinner hour last Friday, he blessed the entire room with his melodious tunes. Although he sang that new Taylor Swift song a few too many times (mimicking Taylor’s voice oddly well),  for the most part, he made our evening delightful! Rumors have been spreading that the guitarist-in-question was Gary Johnson, however, I doubt that the Libertarian presidential candidate would want to come to Le Moyne.

Jeers to PAC Kids

 So-called “PACrats,” who are they and why are they so damn loud? At every turn, it seems as if I’m surrounded by a group of artsy, offbeat and slightly smelly individuals. The kind who make it their job to let everyone in the room know: they have arrived… to the room. Also, why are they always in a pack? Even when one tries to escape from them, inevitably they’ll show up somewhere with their loud outfits, loud voices and random outbursts of singing. Either they collectively weren’t hugged enough as children, or they seriously think people want to hear them as they belt out excerpts from “RENT” during Sunday brunch. At least when the athletes crave attention, they do cool stuff like shaving their heads (or entire bodies)!  Seriously, is there a student in charge of this random group of attention seekers?  Someone needs to write to him or her and tell them to keep their merry little band of minstrels inside the PAC where they belong!