Cheers & Jeers

Tyler Sperrazza, Staff Writer

It was 40 degrees the other night. Forty! In September! This summer of 90 degree heat has poisoned my brain, and this forty degree crap isn’t going to fly! I am submitting a formal complaint to the gods of global warming, if it is indeed a real thing. This 40 degree summer weather has me rethinking the once-irrefutable word of Al Gore. Get it together climate! Make up your mind.

CHEER of the week to High Speed Pursuits

This past weekend, perhaps the most exciting event to ever occur at Le Moyne occurred on Springfield and Salt Springs Roads. For those of you living under a rock, I’m referring to the fast and furious police chase around the perimeter of campus. This chase had everything you see in the movies: Helicopters, thirty police cruisers, and a bunch of drunken college kids standing outside of Harrison and the Chapel cheering on the fugitive. What this high speed pursuit may have been lacking, however, was the… well… high speeds. When I saw the car pass by the Chapel, I quick downloaded the radar gun app on my iPhone and clocked him at a whopping 24 MPH. By the way that app is a great source of entertainment if you are at a mall and want to clock the old people walking, and then shout encouragement as they breeze by at a blazing speed. The police chase, on the other hand, did not occur at blazing speed, but it did end in a bit of violence, as his tires were blown out right by the Heights. I would have hated to be living there that night. Not only are those apartments located in Sketch City, USA, but a set of tires explodes and mimic the sound of two shotgun blasts and a helicopter is circling overhead.  Still liking that choice in the housing lottery, Heights residents?

JEER of the week to Scrubs

Well, the world has a new enemy and it’s clothed in the uniform of that crazy nurse that needs six times to put in your IV. Why is the world going topsy-turvy? Last week, I thought that most people in scrubs were there to protect and heal, but now all I can see, when I watch the nursing and PA students walk the grounds of LMC, are potential perpetrators. Within one week, these previously celebrated members of the campus community have become black-listed. This is not a fair situation for these students, but I think I have the solution! Just for the time being, until this all blows over, we ban scrubs from the Le Moyne College campus and instead, the nursing and PA students are allowed enough time to actually change their clothes before coming back to campus from their places of employment. These poor students are already dragged all over Syracuse; let’s give them some time to change out of their now-tainted uniforms and rejoin the campus community as equals, rather than being seen as a threat to student safety. Oh, and great use of Heights Alert last week, Le Moyne. We feel so much safer when reading about these situations on three hours after they’ve occurred.

Cheers: to “Gangnam Style”

This past weekend, SNL provided the American viewing public with a peek at South Korean entertainment, and I am so glad they did. I cannot wait for the Halloween Dance, Snowball, 100 Nights and 400 Nights, where I am sure we’ll all witness our colleagues attempting the dance moves made famous by PSY and his crazy cast of backup dancers. Also, I am eager to see how his costumes are interpreted by my fellow students at Halloween. I am particularly partial to the garb of the green man in the elevator. I have no idea what the song is about, or why it is so catchy, but man when PSY starts singing, I can’t help but be enraptured by the Korean/English mash-up of language and culture. Although, I do have a question: why do we have so many courses about him on campus? I didn’t know he was so popular! I see them all the time on the Course selection pages, and I also hear there is a PSY Major!?  That escalated quickly. There’s something else called Poly PSY… I imagine that’s for those students that want to worship more than one South Korean rapper. But I think it is wonderful that Le Moyne is doing so much to embrace the music of other cultures and are allowing our students to explore different music traditions. Maybe the Jazzuits could reinvent “Gangnam Style” for a Jazz audience. The Alma Mater could use some updating as well… maybe some Korean refrains are just the thing it needs to really pop.

Jeers: to Missed Appointments

Every one of you has probably experienced this situation at some point: you’re sitting, waiting patiently for a professor or an administrator. You have previously agreed on an appointed time to meet, and you, believing this is a civilized world, expect to see this individual at that appointed time. The next thing you know you are being shaken awake by a secretary asking you why you are there. As you wipe the drool from your chin, you realize you’ve been stood up! Professors, administrators and other members of the upper crust of collegiate society need to realize something: students have s*** to do too! We can’t just be pawns in your crazy time paradox where appointment times mean nothing! This is America. We believe in Chuck Norris and sticking to a schedule. If these university elites want to forget about the invention of the clock, I suggest you go to a country where time is relative, like Italy. It’s beautiful there, and they don’t even take dinner reservations because they don’t want to lock you into a time! But this is not Italy; this is the country of call-ahead-seating and Carside to Go! So to the elite of Le Moyne College, I beg you, come down from your Ivory Tower. Try living in this Jesuit Tradition I keep hearing about, and treat others the way you want to be treated; students are people too.