A Treasure Trove of Knowledge– Soule Branch Library


Cailen Fienemann, Staff Writer

Knowledge is a powerful tool, and it’s extremely helpful to have people who can point you in the right direction when you don’t know where to turn. At Soule Branch Library, nestled between the campus bookstore and the Le Moyne apartments, the librarians are all willing to lend a hand and help find solutions to problems.  

Though all the librarians have specific technical positions, they’re extensively knowledgeable and available to help. Librarians don’t just answer questions about books, either: “People are coming in with tax questions, with parenting questions, with all sorts of things,” Karl, the adult services and technical support librarian, states. “It’s a little puzzle solving, a little detective work.”

Each librarian also has a niche area of expertise– if one of them doesn’t know the answer or the best resource, another one certainly will. 

Karl’s focus is on film and theater, which is a valuable resource for students like me with a film studies minor. When I attended Soule’s Halloween classic movie marathon, the trivia he shared between movies actually ended up being extremely relevant in one of my classes, so if you’re looking for the best film resources, or even just fun facts about films, he’s the best person to go to for help.

With plenty of popular fiction and movies to offer, the Soule Branch Library is the perfect place to find your new favorite stories. What the branch doesn’t have on hand can most often be found within the 31-library connection of which it is a part, spanning the entirety of Onondaga County. If you can name it, Soule can find it!

Aside from the vast resources that the library offers, it’s also a nice place to visit and hang out.  With plenty of tables and chairs, free WiFi, and a generally quiet and cozy atmosphere, it’s a great place to study, read, or even just relax. 

The library can also be used as a meeting place for clubs. Currently, Soule has a weekly D&D session that runs on Wednesday afternoons, but the librarians are happy to accommodate any other clubs that would like to use the space. 

The library also has some fun little quirks and charms. The library’s large windows allow for plenty of natural light, and even a view of the Le Moyne campus. Because of that, there are often wildlife sightings of deer, racoons, or possums. When it rains, Karl says, “there’s a little puddle that will form, and we get ducks … it’s like having our own little duck pond.”  

Karl’s main piece of advice for students? “Don’t just stay on campus.” 

There are so many places to explore within the city, ranging from farmland and fields to any number of culturally diverse restaurants and places to explore. Syracuse has plenty to offer no matter what you’re looking for, so don’t hesitate to make the most of it while you’re here! And if you’re looking for somewhere to start, the library is a fantastic place.

If you’re interested in attending any events within the library connection, they’re all listed on the Onondaga County Public Library website, https://www.onlib.org/ , and they’re all completely free – which is a nice bonus for college students!

And, as always, as Karl also advised: “Be kind to each other.”