100 Nights: An Evening Beyond the Dance Floor


Victoria Kellogg, Arts and Leisure Editor

SYRACUSE, NYThe class of 2022 attended Hotel Syracuse for the rebirth of 100 Nights formal where students celebrated 100 days to commencement. Le Moyne seniors had the opportunity to dress to the nines, dance the evening away, and socialize with peers for an unforgettable evening.

Having the opportunity to be maskless, students were required to test the day of the event to feel a sense of normalcy. Upon the arrival of the event, Phins showed a negative test result or medical exception to rush to the eccentric ballroom located at the heartbeat of the event centers; Marriott Syracuse Downtown.

Clicking heels past check-in, students darted to the dance floor to take on the evening. The ballroom was filled with the most profound music of the time accompanied with unique uplighting that added flavor to the atmosphere for the evening. Le Moyne seniors were grinning ear to ear screeching their favorite tunes while incorporating their best moves with outfits that struck their personal individuality.

Attendee, Elizabeth Mattison, shared her outfit details that were one of the many eye-catching looks of the evening. Mattison stated, “ I saw this dress on Hello Molly as an advertisement on my Instagram and I fell in love with it and ordered it instantly”. Le Moyne senior also shared she feels like famous model Bella Hadid while wearing this midi red open-back slip dress.

Like most students of the graduating class of 2022, Mattison hopes to “see a bunch of my friends who I haven’t seen in a while and it feels amazing after Covid-19 pandemic”.

While most undergraduates were interacting with other colleagues, member of the Le Moyne Community Jake Schmid sat behind the grand piano playing to his own beat for the evening. Although the piano was located outside of the ballroom, individuals made a point to step back from the club-like music to observe what the RA had to play.

Schmid states in an interview “ I enjoy playing the piano and the people that are listening I feel like it makes them happy so it makes me happy”. He also shares that he has been playing the piano his whole life. The Business management and Finance student shares about his outfit choice by sharing his personal style reflects off a “ relaxed professionalism… it looks good but I feel relaxed… not too tight and not too flashy.”

Strolling back into the ballroom, some students took a break from the erratic dancing and took the opportunity to catch up with friends. Filled with a multitude of seating arrangements, friends Evannie Fabian and Akria Andrews filled me in on their dress inspirations that were unforgettable.

The acquaintances got their looks from the most profound brands of the decade  ASOS and Forever 21. Fabian states that her dress makes her feel like a “Boss B… I feel very sexy and very confident in what I am wearing and it also matches my skin color”. Peer to Fabian, Andrews states “ I feel very confident… I tried to embody what a Met Gala looks like; a goddess type of features”. Fabian continues to share that she is trying to embody singer-songwriter Rihanna who “she loves very much”.

Both hope to receive memories from the evening and receive the whole college experience to look back on. The two ‘peas in a pod’ elaborated how this might advance them in their career by sharing “Learn about people, get talking, know their life story and gain new experiences” along with inspiring people “to be confident in what you are wearing.”

With limitations being endless, upperclassmen gained the opportunity to see faces beyond eyes that are typically restricted due to mask mandates on campus. With the overwhelming rush of excitement, drinks were spilled, laughter arose, and most importantly memories were made that will last a lifetime.