Staying active during the final stretch

Kaitlyn Greer, Arts and Leisure Editor

Despite the recent rainy, gloomy days, summer is just around the corner.

This semester is coming to an end, studies are intensifying as students and professors prepare for finals, all while scraping up the last bit of motivation to cross the finish line.

COVID-19 has been a large influence on how people have spent their time over this past year. This will not change entirely in the next few months or so.

As vaccinations continue to be rolled out, more and more restrictions will be loosened, but there are still risks involved.

Not everyone will be vaccinated, or at least not fully vaccinated, by the end of this academic year.

For graduating seniors, these are the final weeks of their undergraduate college experience.

These upcoming weeks will entail their last chances to leave their mark and create as many memories as possible.

A few ways to make the most out of the rest of the spring semester include:

Spikeball in the quad: Gather some friends together during a study break or after a long day of classes and let out all frustrations with a friendly game or two.

Ultimate Frisbee: Adding the word “ultimate” always makes things more exciting. So find some friends, neighbors, or a random passerby to let loose for a little while.

Ice Cream: There are definitely friends or people you know who love ice cream just as much as you do. Ask a friend or two to take a trip to a local ice cream shop and cool off from a long day in the sun or a long day in the library studying for finals!

Some local ice cream shops:

Carvels located at 4322 E Genesee St, Dewitt, NY 13214

Fifi’s Ice Cream & Sweets located at 3021 James St, Syracuse, NY 13206

Gannons Isle Ice Cream located at 1525 Valley Dr, Syracuse, NY 13207

Walk around campus: On days that are not so rainy, take a nice walk around campus, alone or with a close friend. Maybe you’ll run into an old friend, or make some new friends! If you like to walk at night and look at the bright moon or stars, make sure to take a friend and stay safe. These walks provide the opportunity to create great memories.

Volleyball in the quad: There is a volleyball net set up outside of the library in the quad, and it is a great way to stay active and to have fun!

For the rainy days:

Movie Tavern: Head to the movie tavern for dinner and a show with your friends. There are probably a few new releases that you cannot wait to see.

Dolphin Den: Head to the den to grab a snack, sit down in the available seating, and catch up with friends that you have not seen in a while.

Recreation Center: Find time to stay active even on the dreary days. Head down to the recreation center to play a few games of basketball, ping pong, or just to get a quick workout in with a friend or two.

Destiny USA: Looking for a graduation outfit or maybe just want to see what stores are open at the mall? Take a few hours to walk around Destiny USA to get those steps in!

Game Night: Keeping Le Moyne’s COVID-19 restrictions in mind, get together with the allowed number of students in your dorm room and play a few games! So many inside jokes and moments you may (or may not, depending how competitive you are) want to remember will be made!

A few game ideas include:

Monopoly, Cards Against Humanity, charades, or Jenga.

Remember that COVID-19 is still impacting lives around the world and even on the Le Moyne campus. Make sure to continue doing safe activities on campus while wearing masks and keeping a proper distance from one another.

Go outside, listen to the birds chirp, and just take a breath of fresh air; mental health is so important right now and finding time to let loose will allow for a proper recovery from the day’s stressful activities.