College fashion: dressing your best on campus

Victoria Kellogg, Assistant Arts and Leisure Editor

The end of the term is approaching and it can be difficult to not only think about your grades, but also your appearance on campus. I find it essential to put together outfits that make you feel good and allow you to excel in your classes and daily life.

The cold weather is disappearing — finally, the warm weather is approaching. Days are becoming longer and the thermometer is starting to rise; it is time to toss those heavy winter jackets. But after all of this hibernation, we start to ask ourselves the constant question, “What am I going to wear?”

Well, ladies, let me tell you it’s not as hard as you think.

We have entered a new season, Spring… this is the time to ditch those sweatpants.

But also keep in mind that it is not consistently 80 degrees yet in CNY. It can be frustrating when the weather is all sorts of funk. It is difficult to comprehend that one day it’s chilly, and the next, you want to tan outside in your bathing suit. Like, what the heck!

So once again, as your fashion tip provider, I come to give you my favorite spring pieces that I cannot live without.

These are a must-have and don’t worry, they are not as expensive as you may think.

My favorite five-letter word: skirt.

Skirts are the best look to place with your favorite shirt in the Spring.

In 2021, the trend for skirts are long rather than short. My first favorite skirt of this season is from Shien High Waisted Split Thigh Skirt

With this skirt, you can dress it both up or down. For a casual stroll to class on campus tie it with a basic white tee and white air force ones.

When the weather decides to become chillier than usual for the day, put a black leather jacket presented openly with this look.

This skirt is a staple in your college essential closet. To dress it up, add your favorite crop top or “going out” top in black to solidify this look. Also, you can’t forget your favorite pair of heels to help you take on the world. Saying that, add your favorite heels to possess the night.

When you first think of spring approaching, the immediate reaction is color. From being dull and bland for months based on the frigid weather, it will feel amazing to add all the color to your OOTD [outfit of the day]. Toss your straight denim for this look girls; flare is where it is at.


When I saw these pants my immediate reaction was ‘SO ADORABLE!’ You can pair these pants with chunky white sneakers like the model in the photo. For the top, place your favorite white tank with your dearest jewelry to stand out.

I don’t know about you but from looking at fashion icons such as Hailey Bieber, I come to love the blouse look with denim jeans. While online shopping to procrastinate my homework, I found this top that is a must-buy.


This look can be paired with sneakers to dress it down. Likewise, if you are feeling a date night dinner with the girls, add a pop-of-color heel. So elegant, yet such a statement. I don’t know about you but I’m absolutely obsessed with this look for the months approaching.

The best advice I’ve received is always to remember to mix and match. No one will ever know that you’ve worn the same pieces multiple times. This will make it look like you have a bottomless closet.

Aside from my last tip, these pieces of clothing are super cute essentials that you can try incorporating into your wardrobe as the weather starts to lighten up on campus.

Remember ladies, even though college allows you to only stretch your dollar so far, there is always somehow enough room to add to your wardrobe, especially when warm weather approaches.