Nate Thomas releases new song


Kaitlyn Greer, Arts and Leisure Editor

Senior marketing and business analytics major, Nate Gdula, has one thing constantly on his mind: producing music.

On March 25th Gdula experienced a world of excitement as his newest original song, “Memory VIP”, was released on all platforms.

This instant bop was produced by Gdula and sung by class of ‘20 Le Moyne alumna, Sylvi Diamond.

Gdula has a busy schedule, as he is a member of the swim team at Le Moyne, as well as HGM (Heights Global Marketing), which is Le Moyne’s marketing firm on campus.

All of his extracurricular activities, along with taking his final stretch of classes before graduating during a global pandemic, leaves only a limited amount of time to sit down and focus on producing music.

Despite living through COVID-19 for over a year now, Gdula utilized the ‘stay at home’ restriction to better himself.

He has produced multiple songs, some of his favorites include: “Memory VIP,” “Silenced,” “Aura,” and “Destruction.”

“Memory VIP” is a revival of the original version, “Memory”, which came out a year ago.

This is hands down, one of the most successful songs he has produced yet.

Although there is good traction with this new hit, it is one that he feels the proudest of.

Gdula looks for a good sound, of course, like any good musician.

However, that is not all; he focuses on the depth of the sound. There has to be a personal connection made between himself and the music he has produced.

Most of his music relies on the sounds that he has produced, and having that connection is so important for not only himself, but his listeners as well.

Back in the spring of 2017, when Gdula first messed around with producing music, he was not as serious about his work.

He enjoyed it, but he did not initially realize what he could really be doing with this skill.

His freshman year of college, which was shortly after he first began finding his passion, he found how much this hobby influenced his life.

He began using Logic Pro to produce higher quality music and it has taken off since then.

This change allowed Gdula to see his true potential.

Four years later and he is working harder than he ever has before to be successful.

However, success to him is not measured by the number of listeners or how much money he is able to make.

His success is measured by his own loyalty to the music and sound he has created for himself.

If you want to support or experience a glimpse of Gdula’s music world, be sure to check out his greatest hits on all platforms.

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For updates on the work of Nate Thomas, follow his Instagram @natethomasofficial.