Bug, Bear & Bean Candles


Kaitlyn Greer, Arts and Leisure Editor

Toxin free, homemade, local, strong, clean, and modern are the best ways to describe Bug, Bear, and Bean. A quality product for quality customers.

So, what exactly is “Bug, Bear, and Bean?”

Well, it is a locally owned business by 34-year-old Nikki Eiffe from Liverpool, NY.

She started this business just over two years ago where she makes toxin free candles.

However, this has not always been her life’s calling; candles were more or less something she enjoyed having in her house to liven up a room.

Prior to having three children and starting her candle making business, Eiffe worked as an EMT.

However, after her first pregnancy she came across an article on Facebook talking about all of the harmful products that make up candles from well known brands like Yankee Candle and Bath and Body Works.

She shared that “in the article it described how paraffin candles released so many toxins and carcinogens it’s like breathing in secondhand smoke. So that was kind of like a light bulb moment for me that here I’m bringing this tiny little human with these tiny little lungs into my house, and I didn’t want her to be breathing secondhand smoke.”

After reading this she tried the store bought, clean wax candles (soy), Eiffe noticed that the scents were not what she had hoped for.

They were not very strong and that is something that she really looks for in a candle, a strong scent, especially a clean fresh or bakery smell.

A few years go by and now that Eiffe was having her third child, she knew she had to prioritize certain things in her life.

With all of the disappointment she had previously experienced with finding the perfect candle, Nikki decided to take action, and after several trial runs she had found what she was looking for.

She had quit her job working in an ambulance and pursued creating this toxin free candle she now has today.

Her candles are now strong and clean.

This is something that not many candle companies can claim, but it is something that she worked so hard to accomplish.

Eiffe described some of the goals that she has and one currently consists of her hope for growth.

She said, “I am terrified of failure like I know I’m putting all of my blood, sweat, and tears into this so I don’t want to see it fail and I want to say that my personal goal is just to see this exceed my expectations right now.”

This is a normal response for most, however, it is especially true for Eiffe as she is preparing to open her first store front of Bug, Bear, and Bean.

The opening of the store is scheduled (tentatively) for the last weekend of March. This will be located at 2721 James Street, Syracuse, NY.

With Eiffe’s plan to open her “modern and clean” styled store, there is confidence that this will be the perfect location for a business like hers.

Some may wonder why this is, and luckily she has an answer, “it’s an area in the city where they’re trying to breathe life back into it, so just kind of make it a little more of a place that people want to go.”

Eiffe is passionate about creating quality products, doing things with love, and proving to the world that she is in this business for the right reasons.

This idea of her brand coming from the heart can be connected to the name itself—Bug, Bear, and Bean—which represents the nicknames of each of her children.

Bug, who is seven; Bear, who is four; and then Bean, who is two.

Clearly, this is a brand that values quality, luxurious products and Eiffe is “beyond excited” to share what she has created with her customers.

As of right now, Eiffe is working on building her business and would suggest anyone to check out her products on the Bug, Bear & Bean Facebook page.

On this page she is persistent in her postings and sharing all of her favorite scents along with her festive holiday scents.

Make sure to check this page for any updates on new products and for the confirmed opening date of her store front.