Activities to keep you busy during isolation

Kaitlyn Greer, Assistant Arts and Leisure Editor

With the new changes among us, it is important to stay active even while being stuck at home. 

For some, it may be difficult to deal with this new transition. Keeping up with work and other school related responsibilities is without a doubt important. However, it is still good to release any stress and to relieve oneself from the online course load. Here are some ideas: 

While making sure to keep social distancing in mind, learn some new recipes and try them out (if successful, share with us fellow phins)! Try out a new artistic hobby like painting, drawing, or scrapbooking, and if you like what you created, share it with the Le Moyne community! Work on puzzles or crosswords, and maybe find someone to compete with. Find scrap paper, a hanger, string and glue/tape to make cute wall decor. Even try to find scrap material around the house (recycling is our friend!) to create something unique. 

Search workout videos and maybe learn something new like yoga, pilates, or anything else that can easily be done at home! If you want to do something else that involves moving around and getting in some good exercise, learn a new Tik Tok dance to share with the world! 

While doing any of these activities, maybe catch up on a show on your watch list or listen to your favorite music artist’s newest album! Here are some  TV show suggestions: 

If you are a thrill seeker, Riverdale is currently airing its latest season and Netflix holds the past seasons. The CW app carries the current episodes to binge watch! This season will keep you on the edge of your seat, so be sure to check it out!

An action packed show also airing currently is The Flash, past seasons available on Netflix with current episodes on the CW app. This show will show the strength and mindset we all should have while the world is experiencing COVID-19.

Classic comedies to check out, Friends, The Office, Young & Hungry, Last Man Standing, Impractical Jokers (they will be on tour this summer, and making an appearance in Syracuse! Health conditions permitting of course). These shows will bring a smile to your face and keep you laughing while dealing with everything happening in the world.

If you have a lot of school work to do, but still want to keep that blood flowing then you can stretch while doing homework or while on Zoom. Neck rolls, toe touches, shoulder rolls, and side stretches are good isolation stretches that are easy to do in a fixed position. 

If you do not have any work to do, make sure to stay active with stretching and doing small workouts you can do at home. Also,  if possible to do safely, get some sun and go for a run!

If you have any suggestions, share with the Le Moyne community! Communicate with your fellow phins via email, Canvas, Zoom, texting, Snapchat, etc… in order to keep valuable connections and relationships thriving even while being miles and miles apart!

Do whatever makes you happy and comfortable while staying active, positive, and healthy! Keep your phins up!