Stress Relief Tools

Rebecca Malachowski, Arts and Leisure Editor

Most college students would agree that finals week is one of the most stressful times of the semester. I am already thinking about how many lavender or chamomile infused things can I get into my apartment/body. For me one of the most relaxing times is buying fun and relaxing things and then getting all excited about how chill my evening is going to be. I mean retail therapy is also a stress reliever, right? So, I decided to put together a list of things I use to de-stress and things that would be fun to buy.

Lavender pillow spray: If you have trouble sleeping, I think this would be a great tool/product for you. As most know, Lavender can promote stress relief and relaxation as well as helping you sleep. It also smells really great too. This product is a little more on the expensive side (as far as single items go) but for me it is worth it. The scent just radiates through the whole room and makes my day, I love when I have it. I found a bunch of lavender sprays on Amazon for $15-25.

Arts and crafts: Nothing can calm somebody down like painting and coloring. I think it’s good to still have your creative juices flowing during finals week, even if you are bombarded with papers and tests. A lot of events or all halls around campus also have coloring sheets and crayons around this time of the year, so this super easy stress relief tool can be free. You could also pick up crayons, paint and coloring books at Walmart or the dollar store for around $10.

Movies: A Netflix, Hulu or DVD break is essential to any finals week relaxation period. Personally, I feel like my favorite movie or TV show does wonders for my emotional state which is just what I need for crazy finals week. Also, it could be a finite activity so you could use it as a chill study break/ meal break and then get back to churning out your paper once it is over.

Your favorite lotion/Face mask etc.: Sometimes we need a little pampering (who am I kidding I think I need pampering all the time) so your favorite lotion, face mask, or body scrub usually does the trick. Honestly, I can’t think of a better stress relief evening than a good face mask and watching TLC or a true crime documentary. You can also usually find face masks and lotions at inexpensive prices too. I get all of mine at Target for $3-5.

Organization materials/More school supplies: Maybe this one is just because I’m weird or an anxious being, but planning my life out to the very last second of finals week calms me down. I also like to make sure I have all of the school supplies I need right before my finals, that way I am not scrambling for anything at the last minute. I also actually like to shop for school supplies, I find it fun. It is the thing I will miss most about being a student.