Local and Campus Winter Activities


Rebecca Malachowski, Arts and Leisure Editor

I get that the first day of winter isn’t technically until December 21, and for a lot of people winter isn’t even a word in their vocabulary until after Thanksgiving, but we’ve already had our first snowfall, so let us just call this in-between season what it is. Here are some fun activities for “almost-winter” and “complete-winter” time.

Sledding: Le Moyne’s hills can be agonizing to walk up in the snow, or just even on a regular day, but the pain of walking up them becomes a little more bearable when you can sled down. This is a pretty basic winter activity but it is still one of the best no matter your age so obviously it had to make this list. If Le Moyne’s hills aren’t for you and your squad then there is always the town of Van Buren park.

Le Moyne’s Winter Activities: Le Moyne has some fun winter activities that will be going on towards the end of the semester but it’s always a good idea to mark up your already full calendar sooner rather than later. The PAC often has fall and winter recitals with the dance minors, Le Moyne Orchestra, and Jazzuits. Also returning to the Le Moyne calendar this year is Lessons and Carols on December 8. There are also fun indoor activities like movie nights, trivia, and bingo that are often put on by clubs at this time of year, so there is always something to do.

Indoor Trampoline Park: Okay, this is mainly on here because I really want to go and I’m hoping one of my friends sees this and decides to take me. But it is also an indoor activity so it can come in handy for when the weather is too cold to go sledding or have a snowball fight. Sky Zone indoor trampoline park is in a plaza right off Erie Boulevard. It’s 15 bucks for a ticket, so what are you waiting for? I’m just waiting for a ride.

Black Friday Shopping: Maybe this is because I have the need for retail therapy running through my veins, but shopping and buying things for yourself (and family) is the best. It also only gets better when you get a significant discount. I know Black Friday isn’t until the Friday after Thanksgiving, but I’ve already seen places like Target and JcPenny offer “Black Friday” events now. So, go get those deals friends.

Watch a Holiday Movie: This could not be Becca’s Winter Activities List without the obligatory reference to movies. If you’re at all like me you love movies and holiday movie watching has already started. I know I can’t be the only one, because Freeform and Lifetime have already started showing some holiday flicks. Holiday movies also have the ability to bring back fond memories. Do I remember any of the math my High School math teacher taught me? No. But do I remember that she and her family would watch The Elf every Thanksgiving as part of their family tradition and how she was always so excited to watch it with us before we left for Thanksgiving and Christmas Break? Yes. Yes, I do. Everyone deserves to curl up with some hot chocolate and watch a nostalgic Holiday movie marathon.