Grammy Predictions


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Raymond Barth, Staff Writer

The Grammys are by no means a final judgment on music, however, currently they are arguably the biggest music award ceremony. Every year, I make a list similar to this, discussing my predictions, and who I think should win in these categories. Please read down the list before reading this article.

The headline says it all, let’s run it.

Record of the year: Bad Guy

Album of the year: When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?

Song of the year: Bad Guy

Best New Artist: Billie Eilish

Best Pop Solo Performance: Bad Guy

Best Pop Vocal Album: When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?

It would be shocking to see Billie Eilish not take the grammy for record of the year, or any of the major categories she’s nominated in. Media outlets have kept her in the public eye for most of the year, and her music has dominated the charts. Also, her album received widespread critical acclaim, putting her in a better position to win in these categories. Her competition is primarily Lizzo and Ariana Grande, two artists who I would also not be surprised to see win. It should be noted that there isn’t too much of a difference in personnel for each of these categories. The Grammys always play it safe in major categories, and Billie is the safest pick.

Best Pop Duo/Group Performance: Old Town Road

Yes, Old Town Road has a chance here. The biggest song of the year, hands down, makes every other song here look weak. It’s only competition is Boyfriend and Sunflower, who were not nearly as big of a release. Also, using common sense we can interpret that it will win as it is also nominated for Record of the year.

Best Dance Recording: Got To Keep On

The Chemical Brothers may win in this category, not for making a good record, but on nostalgia itself. The Grammy committee has essentially grown up with this group, and the record itself is pretty great. I could see them awarding Skrillex as he is a newer artist, but I think these guys have a chance.

Best Dance/Electronic Album: Hi This Is Flume

Hands down the most experimental electronic release of the year, and his history of working with pop musicians will have some sway in this category. I wouldn’t be surprised to see The Chemical Brothers win either.

Best Rock Album: Amo

I can’t lie, the rock categories this year are awful. The Best Metal Category is hilarious, no way these were the best rock/metal performances or releases of the year. I’m only supporting and predicting Bring Me The Horizon as they tried to deliver something cutting edge and groundbreaking. There isn’t a safe pick here, and trying to decide who should win in these categories is like figuring out which poison you should drink.

Best Alternative Album: I, I

The Grammy committee loves Bon Iver, and I couldn’t tell you why. Since these guys are nominated in major categories, they will most likely win. I’m personally pulling for U.F.O.F or Father of the Bride to win, primarily because those releases we’re in my opinion better than I, I. It also wouldn’t be surprising to see Thom Yorke win for Anima.

Best Urban Contemporary Album: Cuz I Love You

Lizzo will most likely win since she is nominated in a majority of the major categories, she is also one of the biggest artists of the moment in comparison to her competition.

Best R&B Album: Anderson Paak.

His only competitor is Ella Mai, whose debut album was mediocre to decent at best. Paak has made grown since his first nomination, I cannot imagine him losing in this category.

Best Rap Performance: Down Bad

J Cole is nominated twice, once as a feature, and once as an artist. Including Nipsey Hussle in any of these categories as a posthumous nod is in itself disrespectful. Had Nipsey been alive, no chance he would’ve been nominated. So in this category, you either vote J Cole or mediocrity, they easily want to give him an award. I suspect Down Bad will win due to the great performances by many artists featured in the song.

Best Rap/Sung Performance: Panini

Panini has more melodic singing and fleshed out song structures than some of its competitors in this category. However, seeing as this is a J Cole year in the Grammys, The London could also win.

Best Rap Song: A Lot

J Cole year… however, 21 Savage matured on this record and this song itself is an example of it. Artistic progression is one thing to consider when voting in a committee like the Grammys.

Best Rap Album: Igor

No question, this album stands out against nearly every release this year. Released to critical acclaim, Igor is one of the biggest rap records of the year, and it would be very surprising to see Dreamville receive the Grammy over Tyler.