An Insider’s Look at All in a Day’s Work


Stephen Huffaker, Staff Writer

As a freshman here at Le Moyne, one thing I’ve been looking forward to is getting involved with the VPA events on campus. This semester, I’ve been given the opportunity to be a part of All in a Day’s Work, a collaborative performance between the Madden School of Business and the Dance minor.

All in a Day’s Work will be the fifth collaboration between the Dance minor and another department, but the first to be performed in the Jesuit Theatre. The cast of dancers is made up of both Madden students and Dance minors, with other Madden students working stage crew positions. Choreography for individual sections is created by adjunct instructors of dance Ruth Arena and Larry Crabtree.

Set in a modern office environment, All in a Day’s Work follows members of the workforce as they navigate issues such as #metoo, diversity, equity, and inclusion. Costuming, movement style, and interactions between dancers are key components used to depict each topic.

The creative process of All in a Day’s Work has been very engaging for us dancers. I am performing in Professor Crabtree’s section. To begin, he provided the cast with some information concerning workplace discrimination on the basis of protected characteristics such as race, age, gender, and national origin. Each dancer selected a specific discrimination issue to portray, and worked with Professor Crabtree to discover various ways of interpreting that issue into dance.

To get the most out of the performance, I’d recommend keeping a close eye on the interactions between dancers and paying attention to details in the costumes. Both play a large role in depicting each dancer’s discrimination issue. As rehearsals progress, Professor Crabtree has continued to work closely with each dancer to represent their topic. Students from Dr. Renee Downey’s Human Resource Management class have also attended rehearsals to share their expertise and assist in portraying scenarios of workplace discrimination.

“To have that type of collab is a wonderful opportunity for both professors and students,” Professor Crabtree comments. He also mentions the interdisciplinary value of projects in which students and faculty from different departments work together.

Previous collaborations with the Dance minor have involved the English and Biology departments, and Professor Crabtree is excited about continuing to bring the arts into other fields with All in a Day’s Work. “We’ve been trying to build a growing audience with these performances,” Professor Crabtree says. All in a Day’s Work is significant as it will be the first Dance minor performance in the Jesuit Theatre, with previous years’ performances taking place in the library and science center atrium.

All in a Day’s Work will be performed on Tuesday, November 12th at 6:00 PM in the Jesuit Theatre. The runtime is approximately an hour, including a Q&A session with the cast and crew. Admission is free for both Le Moyne students and the general public, so bring friends and family!