Fall Events in Syracuse


[Le Moyne College]

Rebecca Malachowski, Arts and Leisure Editor

     Fright Nights: For lovers of all things scary, head over to Fright Nights, which, according to their social media, will not be at the Fairgrounds this year. It’s going to be held at 1 Lepage Place in Syracuse Friday-Sunday, 7pm-12am (except on Sundays when it’ll end at 11 pm). For those who don’t know, Fright Nights is a series of Haunted Houses that pop up some time at the end of September and go until Halloween. The attractions listed this year include The Fallen Giant, Jurassic Dark, Burgen Manor, Lady Lamson’s Cursed Voyage, and Penny’s Play House. Tickets are priced at $10 for one house and $25 for all 5 houses. This year it’s listed on their website that you have to call ahead in advance to pay for your tickets.

     “The Black Rider” Musical at Le Moyne College: If you’re feeling in the mood to support the theatrical arts and your fellow Le Moyne students (which you should always be in the mood to do), check out ‘The Black Rider” Musical. It is showing October 25, 26, 31 and November 1 and 2. The description of the show online states that the show is “A Grimm’s Fairy tale musical about a Devil’s bargain gone bad.” Needless to say, I have already purchased my tickets.

     Regal Cinemas at Destiny USA (or any movie theater): Movie theaters are always churning out horror movies around Halloween. If you like horror movies I would suggest reserving some tickets to the one you really want to see since they fill up fast. Also, Le Moyne provides transportation to and from Destiny USA on their shuttle, so if you don’t feel like driving, it’s an easy thing you can get all your friends together for. If you’re going to Destiny USA, be sure to stop by Hot Topic before your horror movie to get in an angsty mood and then you’ll be all set.

     Apple Picking: If one of your friends has a car this would be a fun Instagram friendly opportunity. There are a lot of places in the Syracuse area to go apple picking including, but not limited to, Navarino Orchard, Beak and Skiff Apple Hill Campus, and Deer Run Farms Apple Orchard. A lot of these places also have pumpkins, other in-season fruits and vegetables, hayrides, and apple cider. What’s specifically offered depends on the place, so check their websites or call ahead to see just how much extra cash to bring with you. Now it’s time to go for a nice drive, snap some pictures, have some cider, and oh yeah, pick the apples.

     Le Moyne’s Halloween Dance: For those who are new to Le Moyne, allow me to introduce you to Le Moyne’s Halloween Dance. This year it is October 25th, so save the date. At the Halloween Dance, you are encouraged to dress up in an awesome costume, dance to your heart’s content, and make good choices while staying safe. Just a PSA from your newspaper mom.