Top 5 Things to Watch When You’re Bored

Skyy Cannon , Social Media Coordinator

Good Girls (NBC/Netflix/Hulu): This show is too good to not watch. Go on Netflix right now and watch season one and then go on Hulu to watch the new episodes because it really keeps you hanging on the edge. The series follows three women who are mothers with family issues like every family has. Two sisters, Beth (Christina Hendricks) and Annie (Mae Whitman), with their best friend Ruby (Retta) find themselves in a rut with each of their families as they realize how in debt they all are. Beth’s husband took out too many mortgages trying to fix his car dealership, Annie is a single mom working as a cashier and Ruby has a daughter with kidney disease who needs a transplant. Together they decide to rob the grocery store that Annie works at but what seemed like something so simple spirals into a bigger game than they had ever imagined. They all have to risk their lives to keep their family going and not be killed at the end of the day. This show is so binge-worthy because not only does it have a storyline that keeps you interested but it does a perfect job of blending comedy and with its deadly plot and even some teary-eyed moments.

The Umbrella Academy (Netflix): A lot of people have been hyping this show-up and as a person who watches a lot of television, it is good but I found it to be sort of predictable and a little corny at times. Imagine that there’s a bunch of kids who were all born at the same time on the same day to people who weren’t pregnant earlier in that day. They are sought out to try to find these kids and adopt them as it is revealed that they all have powers but are given seven. These seven kids make up “The Umbrella Academy.” They are trained to protect civilization but with great powers come great responsibilities and the band breaks up over the years. Eventually, they all come back together over the death of their adoptive father. Because of this, they discover a lot of secrets and even find out that they are the ones who are going to stop the world from ending in just a few days. How do they do that when they all have separate lives apart from each other? Even though it isn’t my favorite show made, I still will be looking out for season 2 which I’m sure will come.

Love Island (Hulu/ITV2): This is the reality game show of all reality game shows. The Bachelor should really move aside because when it comes to finding love, you will not find drama, love, and more drama more than you will, watching Love Island. This is a UK show so things are a little naughtier but that makes the premise juicier. Six men and six women meet up at a beautiful villa on an island to try to find their soulmate, throughout, people choose who they want to be with and eventually get voted off the island. But when someone gets voted off, they get replaced. The goal is to always be coupled up with someone because you can possibly find love and 50,000 pounds at the end. It’s funny because of how they talk (put on subtitles people), it’s drama filled because people are “pieing” people off on the regular, and if Jon and Hannah don’t make you believe in love then I don’t know what will.

Grown-ish (Freeform/Hulu): Grown-ish is the best and most accurate representation of college I have ever seen on television. In this spin-off of Black-ish, we follow Zoey (Yara Shahidi), a freshman in college go through her college experience. She and her squad deal with friendship, relationships, sexuality, racism, and all the other things that should be talked about and dealt with during one’s time in college. I think it does a great job of not only making the audience connect to this group of friends but also make us think about our own lives and experiences and maybe even change how we perceive the world around us.

The Act (Hulu): THIS SHOW IS WILD. There have only been three episodes and I know that it is dramatized despite it being based on a true story but there are scenes in that show that make you want to look away but you can’t because you can’t believe what you are seeing. If you haven’t heard already this is an anthology crime show that in its first season follows the story of Gypsy Rose and Dee Dee Blanchard. Gypsy is a girl with many diseases and problems with her body or so she and the entire country was to believe. Gypsy eventually finds out that her mother had been faking her illness and since she feels like she is being abused, she kills her. The show goes back and forth between the story between the two and the murder scene as the police and neighbors figure out what happened. I am truly excited to see what comes next but I do warn, some of the footage is not great for the woozy, although, it definitely adds to the wild factor this show has.