Top 5 Things to Watch When You’re Bored

Sex Education (Netflix): Oh my goodness, the forbidden “S” word! The title itself could put people off but that should be the exact reason you press play. Without going into a true tangent, Sex Education is important. Granted, this show isn’t exactly an educational one but it does bring in elements of being open about sex in general, teen sex, and sexuality among other normal things. I don’t know about you but for weeks the advertisement for this show bombarded my Instagram and Twitter account timelines, which made me hesitate to start it but I shouldn’t have let that stop me. The show follows a 16-year-old boy named Otis, who is afraid to be sexual with himself and others YET his mother is a sex therapist. One day, Otis and a girl he likes, Maeve, find a school bully with a genital situation and Otis talks him through it. He’s a natural sex therapist and he doesn’t even know it. Maeve sees this and talks him into starting a business where they give out sex therapy for money. It doesn’t end there, of course. All of the characters have their own story and even if you don’t like them in the beginning, you’ll like them towards the end. This show normalizes sex in a modern day British John Hughes type of way that you wouldn’t have thought you needed until you watch it.

Game of Thrones (HBO): Not much to say on this front besides, watch this if you like drama, love, action, battles, and everything else you can think of. Catch up before the last season starts in April and for all those Seniors out there who are fans, buy many tissues for May 19th, since we will graduate and watch the show end all in one day.

Black Books (Channel 4/Hulu): As someone who is a fan of British television, I was excited to be introduced to another British sitcom (shoutout to Kedik). This series is so wacky, you can’t help but keep watching even when it’s downright stupid. Taking place in a bookshop owned by a very pessimistic man named Bernard who only cares about smoking, drinking and, of course, reading, is ultimately forced to hire an assistant. Manny, the new assistant, just wanted a more simple life from the hustle and bustle of his office life. Unfortunately for him, he is taken advantage of way more often than not, but it’s all apart of the schtick. They are joined often by their store neighbor, Fran. Together, they get themselves into kooky situations that often Many has to get them out of and it never gets old.

UnReal (Lifetime/Hulu): This show is hard to describe and sometimes hard to watch if you happen to have any morals. Following a crew working on the set of ‘Everlasting”, a reality TV show that is basically The Bachelor. The crew, especially the producers, work very hard to make sure that they create drama that looks like it came naturally. Plus, they all have their own drama and it is the definition of NUTS. They jam pack so much in four seasons, it somewhat feels like you are watching it for ten years but, if you are a fan of drama drama drama, then you must give this show a chance.

90 Day Fiancé (TLC/Hulu): This show is incredibly interesting. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s about these couples who need to get married within 90 days otherwise their spouse’s visa expires from whatever country they are from and must be deported. The most interesting part of this show is the different dynamics you see in these relationships. Some from the groom, some from the bride, but mostly from the American spouse’s families. You learn about manners and how rude people can be when they are not familiar with other cultures or anything that isn’t the norm. But there are good moments, like the smile on the bride’s face when she tries on the wedding dress she likes or seeing the groom’s smile on the wedding day if they make it. But it’s not all poinsettias and wedding dresses, which is what makes it so juicy.