4 Apps Every College Student Should Have on Their Phone

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Syracuse Winter Fair
February 1, 2019

DoorDash/Grubhub: Any app where you can order food delivered to your dorm will do, these are just my two favorites. When your starving and don’t have a car, or just don’t want to have to drive to get your Chinese food in a Syracuse snow storm, these apps are great alternatives to getting all your food desires without having to leave campus. They each have tons of different local restaurants to choose from like Asian Palace, Dominick’s and Franco’s pizza, as well as your favorite fast food places like Wendy’s, McDonald’s, and Chipotle. But I’d be sure to download both since they don’t have all the same places. So, go ahead and order your Mocha Frap for your all-nighter— Just be aware of delivery fees.

Target: Target’s app is a lifesaver. You can, of course, preview what’s in your store and see if it’s on sale like other store apps do, but you also get what they call “Cartwheel” coupons which are extra coupons just for having the app. You then save those coupons to your “Cartwheel wallet” and then scan them at the register like you would a gift card. Also, if you want to order something from target to be delivered to you, using the app can save you a couple bucks. Target offers no fee shipping on some of their items if you order it using the app. This app truly has saved me a lot of money because I go to Target all the time— and let’s face it— what college student doesn’t?

Lyft/Uber: These are just great “how to get out of a jam” apps that everyone, not just college students, should have on their phone. Need to get out of a sketchy situation downtown? Get an Uber. Need to book a ride to the train station? Order a Lyft. They are both super helpful apps, but I will say that Lyft doesn’t seem to have as many free drivers in the area, you typically have to book one of those a couple of hours beforehand, while with Uber you can just open the app and have about three drivers that could be to you in a couple of minutes. They are both easy to use and even someone as non-tech savvy as myself was able to get the hang of them pretty quick. Get these apps and stay safe my friends.

Mobile banking: How many times have you thought, “I have at least *insert number here* dollars in my account. I’m good.” And then a week later when you make it to the ATM your receipt makes you have a near heart attack? That has happened to me more time than I care to admit. So, imagine the relief I, and my parents, felt when I finally downloaded a mobile banking app. It has helped me so much. You can check your balance and transaction history whenever you want as well as deposit checks, transfer money to different accounts, and pay bills. You better believe I now check my balance after every purchase.