Le Moyne’s First Fashion Show

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February 1, 2018

On Saturday night James Commons was transformed into a fashion week quality runway, with a red carpet, live DJ, and entertaining hosts. Fashion Club put on their first fashion show, and it was incredible. The club worked incredibly hard putting this event together, from petitioning various groups on campus for funding to rehearsing runway walks to be flawless. There was so many elements in this production, and it went off without a hitch. Nine collections were displayed and there was also elements in the show to keep the audience entertained in between collections, this included a poetry reading by Masala, vocals by Charmante, and a performance by K-Otic. These elements kept the audience entertained and excited about the show. Hosts Tega and Kamey also hyped the audience up and got them excited about being there.

The models were absolutely incredible. Their hard work and the amount of time and practice they put into this show was clear. They stayed incredibly focused on the task at hand and didn’t seem distracting by the loud audience and flashing cameras. You could see they put many hours into their walk and making each look their own. It was also very nice to see such diversity represented on the runway in various ways; it sends a positive message to those in our community. People come in all different shapes and colors, it made me feel empowered that there was lots of representation of that on the runway. This was an amazing opportunity for those who want to get better at professional modeling, and I would highly recommend anyone interested to go and be a part of Fashion Club.

Fashion Club had nine different collections for their fashion show, the Diamond Ayodele Couture Collection, Showoffs Boutique by Kelly, Smile Again by Solange, Me by Melvin Eiland, E.N.N.E by Nardos, Kess by Gloria, Blue Clo by Chris, the Mario and Lee Collection, and House of Wuwawa by Grace. These designs and collections were well made and presented. There were lots of pieces with bold patterns, bright colors and statement pieces that everyone loves to wear come spring and summer time. I thought that the designers stayed true to the current fashion season and I valued that they did. They also put their handles or websites on a screen so the audience could get a second look at these collections and purchase items after the show.

For their first event, the Le Moyne College Fashion Club did an amazing job. They brought together a diverse group of people to celebrate their love of fashion together. They marketed the event very well and they brought together people from all over the state. I can not wait to see what events they will put on in the future. You can be sure they will be to the utmost professional quality and be a wonderful time. Keep your eyes out for their next event and follow their Instagram page (@lemoyne_fashion) for the most current information.