The Weeknd’s New Album

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Photo Courtesy of Billboard.

Early morning last Friday, fans of R&B/pop-star The Weeknd, were awake and anticipating his newest offering, a new album “My Dear Melancholy,.”

Being hailed by reviewers as an EP for its short six-song tracklist, the album seems to stay true to The Weeknd’s blatantly emotional style. His vulnerability is showcased again in this album, which is his first since recovering from breakups from model Bella Hadid and more recently, from singer Selena Gomez.

The album was not exactly expected to drop this Friday, with the artist spontaneously tweeting a photo on Wednesday containing information about the next album with the caption “Should we drop Friday?” After fans excitement, the Weeknd remained true to his word and the album was released Friday at midnight on both Apple Music and Spotify.

The Weeknd who’s real name is Abel Tesfaye, presented his creations much more subtly than his 2016 “Starboy” album. Staying true to its introverted, “melancholic” mature, the album only contains one feature across all six tracks, from Gesaffelstein, a French techno artist who was a feature on Kanye West’s “Yeezus” album. It seems like a starkly different, almost less powerful offering from the popstar, but his emotion is clear throughout.

Both self-produced and serviced by producer Frank Dukes, the album features very few composers. Skrillex and Daft Punk’s Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo are also featured on the album.

The artist is famously private, especially in regard to his personal life. However, the album bears deep lyrics that seem to reach to his deepest emotional feelings. The album’s spontaneous release allowed for a blowout initial reaction.

Reverting back to the downtempo beats of his oldest projects, The Weeknd moved away from the upbeat pop radio hits any casual listener would remember. The moody album also references his lengthy relationships. After splitting with Selena Gomez in October after an almost year long relationship, she briefly reverted back to her ex, Justin Bieber. Before dating Gomez, he was involved with supermodel Bella Hadid, who many fans speculate that most of the album is about.

According to a review by Vanity Fair, it’s not tough to figure out which song is about which ex. The opening track, “Call Out My Name,” almost confirms that its lyrics fit his relationship with Gomez. “I said I didn’t feel nothing baby, but I lied. I almost cut a piece of myself for your life,” is believed to reference Gomez’s very public kidney transplant earlier this year around the time of their breakup.

Bella Hadid, of course, also gets spotlight on the album. On the track “Wasted Times” the artist tellingly discusses “wasted times” he could have spent with someone else. The lyrics “She wasn’t even half of you” seems to reference his desire for Bella Hadid during his relationship with Gomez.

Overall, the album seems like a rebuttal to press speculation on his personal life, and an overall desire to prove himself as a musician by supplying concrete evidence that The Weeknd is able to dominate both the pop and R&B industries.