Mystery of the Nile Review


I attended the IMAX film, Mystery of the Nile, at the MOST on March 25th, 2018. The Museum of Science and Technology (MOST) is in downtown Syracuse and their museum is the only place in New York State that has a dome theater.  The Mystery of the Nile was directed Jordi Llompart and narrated by Pasquale Scaturro. It was a film that was specifically created to capture Pasquale, an expedition leader, and his expedition team’s four-month journey travelling down the full 3,000-mile length of the Nile River in only kayaks and blow up rafts. This film was remarkable in terms of context and its emphasis on how the Nile River allowed early civilizations to settle and strive. Similarly, the environment and showcase of the film in a dome theater enhanced the experience greatly and allowed me to gain a greater appreciation of the Nile River. I was not the only one amazed by this experience though, as you looked around the theater, adults and children alike had their eyes glued to the screen in amazement.

The dome theater’s screen starts about 3 feet from the ground in the front of the theater, surrounds all side walls, and the ceiling. The wide range of the screen enhances the viewing of the film because with such a large focal piece, such as the Nile River, the screen helped with not only avoiding missing any action but put into perspective just how large the river is. The surround sound speakers in the theater rang with middle eastern style music perfectly synced with rhythm of the water of the Nile at the times shown. The photographer, Michael, though in dangerous and unstable conditions was able to capture great photos and footage of the expeditions that allowed you to put yourself into the scene and feel the emotions of the travelers. These emotions include travelers dealing with the fatal rapids of the Nile, crocodile attacks, malaria, and badgers shooting at them.

My evaluation overall of the film is that it was absolutely outstanding. One aspect I want to specifically focus on, which made me admire how the film was directed and produced, was the travelers that were selected to go on the expedition. Among the expedition team were a variety of people who were all inexperienced travelling by water expect their safety kayaker, Gordon and Pasquale, an experienced expeditioner. Among other featured in the expedition were Mohammad, Sasika, Miryama, and Michael. Mohammad is a scientist, who also has a special connection to the Nile River because not only is he Egyptian, but his grandfather still lives along the Nile to this day and has been able to support his crops for decades by replying on the Nile. Sasika was on the expedition because she wanted to explore the connection between religion and the Nile and what better way to do that then to actually travel the Nile and talk to people along the way. Miryama is an archeologist who attended the expedition to gain a greater insight on the connection between culture and the Nile by exploring cultural monuments. Michael was the photographer who captured all the good, bad, scary, and victorious moments along the expedition. Gordon was the safety kayaker who beat cancer a few years ago and has since dedicated his life to adventure. Lastly, Pasquale, who was the expedition leader, was on a mission to discover all the mysteries and secrets of the Nile that has long been talked about, but never been answered; Pasquale’s expedition team was the first expedition team to ever completely travel the full length of the Nile River. The reason I explain to you all the individuals above is because it set a tone throughout the film for me. A bunch of people, who mostly were inexperienced and unrelated in their fields of work, came together on a dangerous journey, all connected by one common factor…. the Nile River. The Nile brought these people from all different walks of life together, like it has brought civilizations together and kept them alive for thousands of years. Having all these different people with different knowledge helped the film tremendously in explaining how and why the Nile is known to be “the secret of Africa” and the “the greatest mystery.”

Overall, Mystery of the Nile was an outstanding film that was executed in a great way. The showing of the film in a dome theater made the film that much better to watch and you could see the enjoyment of other viewers just by their facial expressions. I would recommend this film to everybody and anybody because no matter your age, gender, or interests; the film can grab your attention in some way to make it enjoyable. I would not suggest that anything in the film be changed, but I do wish it had been longer. Tickets to watch the show were $6 dollars a person for a 45-minute showing; the price was reasonable and considerably cheap for the experience, just wish I could have seen more.