Vance Joy releases second album, Nation of Two


On February 23, I may or may not have been refreshing my iTunes page repetitively waiting for 12:00 a.m. to strike so I could officially download Vance Joy’s second album, Nation of Two. Thankfully, after a long await and building of suspense with releases such as Lay it On Me and We’re Going Home, he finally decided the States were worthy of his new tunes.

In 2014, he had released the song “Riptide, which took the charts by storm and ultimately led to his future success. From there, he went on tour with Taylor Swift and launched his own album Dream Your Life Away.

After taking a bit of a hiatus, he’s finally back and stronger than ever. This time, with a worldwide tour to sponsor his new album. From the States, all across Europe and back to his hometown of Melbourne, Australia, he’ll be sure to invite fans from every stretch of the globe to join in on his new indie rock style.

If you’re into indie, you’ll be sure to love every song. However, don’t be thrown off that some tend to sound the same, for that’s his acoustic style. This album is perfect for any road trip or relaxed evening, especially the tracks such as “Alone With Me” or “Like Gold, a couple of my personal favorites.

Overall, it’s no doubt this new album, much like the previous, is infatuated with the idea of love and the ups and downs that are intertwined through every relationship. With that, if you want to cry about your singleness or find yourself daydreaming about your significant other, than this is the album for you.

From songs about crashing off a bike as a child [“Little Boy”] to opening up to a new relationship [“Lay It On Me”], the whole album focuses on a story of a relationships from the beginning until the end. So pop in your headphones and enjoy your spring break with the ever so sweet voice of Vance Joy and you’ll be sure to de- stress and find yourself humming to his tunes.