5 of the Most Underrated Study Spots at Le Moyne

Photo Courtesy of Syracuse.com.

Photo Courtesy of Syracuse.com.

Can’t study in your dorm room? Sick of staring at the same bookshelves in the library? Well look no further, here are five of the most underrated study spots around campus that you might want to try out instead:

The tables outside the chapel. If it’s a nice day, then you might want to try sitting underneath the trees in this blissful setting. Here, the light reflects off the leaves and the green glow makes you feel at one with yourself and with nature. There’s classical music playing non-stop to really get you in the mood for some studying, and what better feeling is there than studying to birds chirping and squirrels scurrying around the trees. It’s a great way to reconnect with nature, and your textbooks, but you might have to hurry up to try it out before it starts to get colder.

The science center addition. The newest building on campus sure does have its perks. With the new furniture, bright walls, and décor, this building is by far one of the most aesthetically pleasing spots on campus. The temperature is always perfect [hello air conditioning!] and there are a few nice tables and couches downstairs to study. Upstairs, above the indoor balcony, the couches and tables sit next to large windows with natural light and nice views of campus. If it’s nice out, there’s even outdoor seating for you.

Harrison’s seventh floor. Another spot that offers a great view of campus, and is especially convenient for those who live in Harrison or St Mary’s. The seventh floor penthouse is a nice, quiet study space with 360-degree views. At night the study area starts to fill up with more students, giving you the motivation to study along with your peers. But in the day, you’ll more than likely have this space to yourself.

The athletic center. The AC has a large, open room with round tables you can utilize for your study time. There’s usually only one or two people sitting in the area, and sometimes there’s no absolutely no one. If you’ve just gone for a workout, or simply want to watch some of the hot athletes at their practice, then this is the place for you. The windows are huge, making the AC a refreshing place to put your nose down in the books.

The Den. Where there is good food there is good people. What better place to study than the bustling Den, where you’re  bound to run into one of your friends when you need a distraction? If you don’t mind the noise, the Den is the perfect environment to study in groups or, if you have a pair of headphones, by yourself. And if you’re ever bored or feeling a little peckish, then sushi or a smoothie is just a foot away.