Justin Timberlake is Still Bringing “Sexy Back” after 10 Years


Photo Courtesy of MTV.

It was the summer of 2006. Fergie was talking about her London Bridge, Shakira’s hips were not lying, and Lil Jon wanted everyone to snap their fingers. This was a solid summer for the music world, and my iPod nano was full of hits from that summer as I began 6th grade. In the midst of all of these incredible songs, one particular song stood out from the rest. Justin Timberlake boldly proclaimed that he was bringing “sexy back,” and our lives have never been the same.

This week makes ten years since the release of Justin Timberlake’s multi-platinum album, Futuresex/LoveSounds. When Timberlake released this album, it showed that he was waving “Bye, Bye, Bye” to the clean-cut boy band days of *NSYNC. The album showed a more mature Justin Timberlake experimenting with electro R&B with trusted producer and collaborator Timbaland, whom he worked with on his first album Justified,  by his side. All six of the singles from Futuresex/Lovesounds cracked the Top 20 on the Billboard Hot 100, with three of those singles, “Sexyback,” “My Love,” and “What Goes Around…Comes Around,” shooting to No. 1.

Although most people may be most familiar with “Sexyback,” here are five more songs that make this album so incredible:

“What Goes Around…Comes Around”

No, in 2006 I did not quite understand all of the pain of infidelity, but I did understand that karma was going to come right around and do something quite painful to whomever Justin was referring to in this song. I was slightly annoyed when Justin sang, “You cheated, girl/My heart bleeded, girl.” No, Justin. Your heart did not “bleeded,” it bled. Bleeded is not a word. Fortunately for Justin, the 7 minute and 29 second song resonates with many people, and when the tempo picks up toward the end of the song, you will find your head bopping along with the music.

“Until the End of Time” feat. Beyoncé

This song sounds and feels like it has been inspired by the work of the late, great Prince. The original version only had Justin Timberlake singing, but fortunately, the song was re-released with vocals from Queen B herself. The song includes a fabulous falsetto from Justin, an incredible vocal run at the end of Beyoncé’s verse, and lyrics that restored my faith in love at the ripe old age of 11. What more could you ask for in a song? The lyrics state “’Cause if your love was all I had/ In this life/ Well, that would be enough/ Until the end of time.” Really, Justin? Love is enough until the very end of TIME? I just shed a tear.

“ (Another Song) All Over Again”

Justin is pleading for forgiveness in this song. He sings, “I’m not a saint/ I’m just a man/ Who had heaven and Earth in the palm of his hand.” With his silky smooth voice, and the climactic begging in the middle of the song, how could you not forgive the man?

“Chop Me Up” feat. Timbaland and Three 6 Mafia

You all are probably familiar with the name Juicy J after his single “Bandz A Make Her Dance,” and being featured on songs like “23” and “Dark Horse” with Katy Perry. These days, many people are unfamiliar with his former group, Three 6 Mafia. If you haven’t heard their music, you honestly are not missing out on much (sorry for all you fans out there), but make sure you listen to this song. It definitely has a beat that is perfect to jam out to in the car, and Juicy J and Timbaland’s verses are too “punny” to not appreciate this song.

“My Love” feat. T.I.

“They call me candle guy, simply ‘cause I am on fire.” Really? This song almost didn’t make the list because of T.I.’s verse (sorry, T.I.), but the song is too good to disregard. “My Love” draws you in right from the beginning because it almost feels like you’re listening to the song in slow motion, and Justin’s falsetto is smooth as velvet. Make sure you check out the music video, too.

So, thank you, JT, for bringing sexy back a decade ago. Unfortunately, we do not hear much music from you these days, but at least I have this masterpiece to hold on to and remind me of my ever so naïve 6th grade days with my little black iPod nano.

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