LSDC Rocks the PAC

Photo Courtesy of Tim Harris Photography.

Photo Courtesy of Tim Harris Photography.

The Le Moyne Student Dance Company is back and they brought their spring performance to the PAC last weekend. With almost every show sold out, these girls showed how hard they’ve been working these past couple months.

The showcase featured various renditions of songs that fit perfectly with the choreography (“New York State of Mind” and “I’m Gonna Be”). “Mind” was a beautiful entrance into what the audience was about to see: grace, poise, and a whole lot of talent flooding off the dark blue stage.

One of the best performances was to Bieber’s big hit “Sorry.” The dancers, dressed in neon, bopped their heads and shook their hips in unison to the pop song. The choreography was almost identical to the moves in the official music video, making the crowd cheer more and more. This one was clearly practiced to perfection.

Slower songs like, “Samskeyti,” “Dead In the Water,” and “I’m Gonna Be,” were all executed beautifully in flowing fairy-like costumes as dancers kept their chins up and toes pointed. I am always in awe of the professional performances I see every year at the LSDC show.

For several dancers, this was their last LSDC show and they definitely went out with a bang. Executive Director and senior Jenna Salvatore said, “The people in the company become your family and the relationships you build are irreplaceable…leaving LSDC is one of the toughest things I’ve ever done.”

But, the LSDC team isn’t shrinking anytime soon, seeing as a plethora of freshmen have joined and will carry on the dancing spirit. “The company is being left in great hands and I am honestly so excited to see what the new executive director and head choreographers do with it. I can’t wait to come back and cheer on my favorite dancers!” said Salvatore.