B’Ville Band Burgeons Into the Business

Photo Courtesy of Twitter.

Photo Courtesy of Twitter.

All Poets and Heroes is composed of singer and lead songwriter Rob McCall, lead guitarist and producer Corey Jordan, and percussionist Kyle Krahl. The band was created after McCall’s former Le Moyne band, the Overnighters, disbanded. Jordan was working on a Syracuse TV web-series and worked with McCall for one of his projects. The two quickly became friends and decided to form their own acoustic group—Walden—after jamming together on the song “Cloth.” They eventually invited percussionist Kyle Krahl to join the group, and the band was renamed All Poets and Heroes.

The primary inspiration for the band’s tone and expression is the works of Henry David Thoreau, especially Walden. The band tries to present an “earthy” feel, playing in a way that feels natural. The primary theme of Walden is connecting with nature and exploring life’s possibilities. This theme comes across with the band’s melodic and laid back songs.

The song “Cloth,” from the band’s first EP titled “Happy Accidents,” describes the process of acknowledging experiences for the lessons they taught and then releasing those experiences to the recesses of memory. It is metaphorical for coming of age. In the song, cloth is cut and assembled to create a piece of hypothetical clothing. The strips of cloth referred to in the song are symbolic of the elements of life that help define a person. The song reflects on life’s difficulties and suggests that the pain and mysteries of life are normal, causing the listener to feel a sense of relief. The song speaks especially to college-age listeners, who are learning to process various experiences and developing their own identities.

All Poets and Heroes music elicits reflection. That is, their songs cause listeners to remember trying times in life and to embrace what can be learned from those experiences. The band remains true to itself. Their music doesn’t try to connect with the audience; it just does.

On April 15, the band released their latest EP on Soundcloud called “Guiding Stars.” All Poets and Heroes is a fledgling band that embraces a spirit of connecting with nature to learn from and enjoy life. It is bolstered with enthusiasm and intensity; the group is determined to find its place in the music scene.  All Poets and Heroes offers a relaxed sound and will develop into a strong local music force.