Netflix & Chill with Gabbi: Adult Beginners

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Tribeca Film Festival
April 21, 2016

Photo Courtesy of NY Post.

Many college students can admit that at times they may have felt like they were having a quarter life crisis, especially my fellow members of the senior class. Adult Beginner’s feature the struggle of all struggles. When Jake’s start up company crashes on the first day of the start up, the thirty-something-year-old feels the need to make a drastic life change. In a moment of weakness, Jake decides to leave his life in Manhattan and move in with his sister’s family in the suburbs. The catch though, he hasn’t talked to his sister since the death of their mother.

Jake, played by Nick Kroll, is the typical bachelor that never wants to settle down or become responsible. The role that Kroll plays is the first role of his that didn’t make me feel repulsed. I don’t know why, but other roles played by Kroll, just do not settle well with me. Now picture this: Nick Kroll as a nanny. Yeah, it’s  as scary as you think it would be.

Rose Byrne, plays Jake’s sister, Justine. She has one 3-year-old son right now, Teddy, and is pregnant with another when Jake shows up to live with her family. Her husband Danny, played by Byrne’s real life partner and baby daddy Bobby Cannavale, is building a new home for the “start up” family. The catch though? Justine, Bobby, and Teddy live in Jake and Justine’s childhood home and they have plans to sell the home. They weren’t planning on telling Jake…and then he moved in. Add in a whole bunch of other drama that families go through and this movie will make you feel a lot better about your typical twenty-something s**tshow life. Justine and Jake need to take the plunge back into becoming a family again.

Minor characters played by actors such as Joel McHale, Jane Krakowski, Bobby Moynihan, and Jason Mantzoukas appear throughout the movie. Adult Beginners will bring you on a journey of re-self discovery that lasts for about an hour and a half.