Netflix and Chill with Gabbi: Bob’s Burgers

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Tribeca Film Festival
April 21, 2016


Photo Courtesy of Wired.

We are all at that point in the spring semester where Dolphy Day is so close, yet so far away, and no one wants to do work. Netflix is always a great way to avoid doing work. Just watch a few ‘sodes of literally anything and suddenly there is no time to do any work; the perfect recipe for procrastination. Or if you are more of a dean’s list scholar, you reward yourself with Netflix when your work is done. Regardless. Why not start *binge* watching the one show no one on the internet or in real life, can stop referring to: Bob’s Burgers. This show is so much more than a cartoon, it is a life experience.

Bob’s Burgers is about a lower class family living in Ocean City just trying to make ends meet with their burger joint. The show displays the craziness that occurs everyday in their life. The Belcher family consists of Bob, Linda, Tina, Gene, and Louise. The show often gets a bad wrap because the only character in the family voiced by an actual female is Louise.

Bob, voiced by H. Jon Benjamin, is the typical, rational dad. He just wants life to be easy sometimes. I feel him. Linda, voiced by John Roberts, is the “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” mom; she has the most positive outlook on everything in life. Tina, voiced by Dan Mintz, is the preteen of our generation. Everyone is Tina. She loves boys, horses, and butts. She is the most gif-worthy character on the show. Gene, voice by Eugene Mirman, is the middle child that is often forgotten on the show, which is why I think they made him so odd. He is musically talented and makes some very questionable references. Finally, there is the youngest Belcher child, Louise, voiced by Kristen Schaal, the evil one. She is sadistic AF. Everyone has an evil, younger sibling that is Damian from the Omen in their fam. [No?] All that set aside, I know homegirl is a fellow scorpio.

The show has a ton of star studded, uh, voice appearances? Sarah and Laura Silverman voice the recurring  twin brothers, Ollie and Andy. Among the Silverman sisters, comedians such as Aziz Ansari, Jenny Slate, Jordan Peele, Bill Hader, Zach Galifianakis, and the list goes on.  

If you have not seen the show, then you have probably been told numerous times to start it. It took me a while to even play the first episode after months of people telling me to watch it. But once I did, I tried to savor every single episode and would limit myself to one episode a day because I actually did not want to finish it. I even restarted it one time with some friends and was genuinely annoyed that I might not be able to figure out what episode I was last on.

Each episode of Bob’s Burgers is roughly 25 minutes long. Four seasons are on Netflix, with about 22 episodes each. Currently though, Bob’s Burgers is on its sixth season, so more episodes will be added tomorrow. For the next month, enjoy some Netflix, avoid work, and mentally prepare for what Dolphy Day has in store for us all.