Netflix & Chill with Gabbi: Cuckoo

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Tribeca Film Festival
April 21, 2016

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Since today is St. Patty’s day, your weekend is probably going to be dedicated to your recovery (shout out to your liver), so in that case, why not curl up on your couch and binge watch some Netflix? Cuckoo is just the show to make you laugh, maybe so hard you might throw up. I laughed so hard while watching it that actual tears started to stream down my face. It’s really that funny.

If you love Andy Samberg, like moi, than you know that he’s the gold pot at the end of comedy’s rainbow. Even if you don’t know who he is (have you been living under a rock?), chances are that you’ll likely enjoy him. He embodies the characters that he chooses to play. Samberg plays the series’ self titled character, Cuckoo. We all know the “spiritually enlightened” type… Ya know, traveled to like one country and now found Buddha or something? Well, that is Cuckoo. Semi-spoiler alert, he is only in the first season of the show due to filming conflicts with Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Filling in for Samberg in the second season is Taylor Lautner. Yeah, I was wondering what he has been doing since Twilight too. Apparently, he has been acting on British television. Who would have guessed? Lautner plays son of Cuckoo, Dale. In case you were wondering, he is shaven and shirtless within the first episode. Incentive to watch, amirite?

The transition between first and second season is a bit unsettling because it’s almost like you’re watching a completely new show. The absence of Samberg and the Lautner replacement is not the only major change to the cast. The actress playing leading lady, Rachel, is switched as well. The only consistency in actors remains with the minor characters of the show. Also, the first episode of the second season tries to do some damage control with the harsh character changes by jumping around in the timeline. But the good news is you’ll probably still be drunk or too hungover to even notice any changes, so it shouldn’t be a big deal for you.

The first two seasons of the series are available for streaming on Netflix, with six episodes in the first and seven in the second. Each episode of Cuckoo runs for about 25 minutes. Grab a glass of ginger ale and some saltines—we know that’s all your feeble body will be able to handle—and try to suppress vomit as you enjoy some Netflix.