Hardwell Tears Up the F Shed


Photo Courtesy of Beach Club.

Girls in neon tutus and Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century hair buns danced around all night to the masterful parade that is Hardwell. College kids and fans young and old pranced into the long, packed warehouse to witness what was a night of pure electronic music.

Hardwell hails from Breda, Netherlands and continues to bless the world with his EDM sound. He has played at several music festivals including Ultra Music Festival, Electronic Daisy Carnival, Coachella, TomorrowWorld, and much much more.

In a world filled with mega music babes like Beyoncé, Katy Perry, and Ariana Grande strutting around in bodysuits performing insane choreography, it’s surprising that someone can stand behind a huge metal-made box and captivate an entire crowd of people for over two hours. But that’s what Hardwell did. Incorporating beautiful 3D visuals timed in tune with every song, he made seamless transitions from one jam to the next. He made us clap, holler, sing, and dance for almost every song, while giving us an incredible background to look at.

He played a variety of his lyrically driven songs and his musically driven ones. If there’s one thing Hardwell does well, it’s build up to a good drop. The beat picks up, the lights twitch and he raises his hands in the air as the crowd feels his electric energy. Not many DJs can keep a crowd from being bored with just sounds, but Hardwell changes the game with his music. Each song flows cohesively, making you feel as if you’ve been caught in a trance and mysteriously enter into another world…and that world is a whole lot of fun.

Although the majority of the audience was slightly intoxicated, they sure were friendly and definitely enjoyed some EDM. (Shoutout to the girl who took like twelve snapchats with me, I hope I made your story and I hope you finally stopped dropping your phone on the sticky dark floor.)

Hardwell’s new song “Run Wild” feat. Jake Reese and music video just came out, and it’s ready to dominate the EDM genre, so make sure to check it out.