Professor’s Playlist: Bryan Cole


Photograph: Suki Dhanda/Observer

Photo Courtesy of The Guardian.

I’m extremely lucky to be married to Erin O’Hara, singer/songwriter, composer and all-around musical historian. Her hunger for music is insatiable, so a lot of new music I listen to comes from her. Then, there’s our kids. The apple doesn’t fall from the tree and they love great music. For my part, I’m a child of the grunge era and still sneak a Nirvana and Pearl Jam binge every now and then. But here’s the last few weeks on my playlist.

Alabama Shakes, “Don’t Wanna Fight”

Erin turned me onto this track, but we were introduced to the Shakes in 2013 while I was serving as Content Director for a music festival in Napa, CA and Erin was performing. The Shakes weren’t headliners back then, but they completely tore their set up and I became a fan.

Elle King, “Xs and Os”

My daughter Rose and I were riding in the car and heard this groove just jump out of the radio (yeah, we like the radio). Elle King has that growly innocence of a Little Eva and a rhythm section heavily influenced by Motown. But wow, I love this song.  I don’t know her other stuff yet, though.

Morcheeba, “Part of the Process”

I found Morcheeba’s debut album Big Calm in the used vinyl section at Sound Garden and turned my kids onto their dreamy sound (unsuccessfully). It’s late 90s trip-rock, kind of a Portishead meets Florence and the Machine.

Macklemore, “Downtown”

I’m from Seattle and what’s not to love about Macklemore and Ryan Lewis?

Erin O’Hara, “Ready for the Heavy”

The title track from her 2013 record.  

Rodrigo y Gabriela, Everything