Netflix and Chill with Gabbi: Sirens

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Tribeca Film Festival
April 21, 2016
Photo Courtesy of Sirens.

Photo Courtesy of Sirens.

In the trend of making shows that follow the civil servants of Chicago, Sirens changed up the game by being a comedy rather than a drama. You could watch Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D., or Chicago Med, they all crossover and are linked with the drama that follows their characters, but they are not on Netflix. Instead check out Sirens, which follows three EMTs and their lives.

The three main characters are Johnny, Hank, and Brian. Johnny is a narcissistic ass, Hank is egotistical, and…then there is little Brian [he’s just trying his hardest, guys]. Johnny is not ready to settle down or grow up in any way, especially in a way that would create a major lifestyle change. Hank is a happy member of the LGBTQ+ community and also might have a problem with commitment [but don’t we all]. Then there is Brian, he is new in the beginning of the series, he just wants to fit in. He lives with his parent though, so we cannot cut him too much slack.  

Johnny’s girl-person, Teresa, plays a major role throughout this comedy. She is a police officer and has her partner, Billy, alongside her for a majority of the show. Why mention Billy? Because he is simply the best character on the whole show. The stuff that comes out of this mouth are absolutely tear-inducingly funny. He is a minor character, but you will live for the scenes where he comes in. Billy is also super quotable.  

The development of Johnny and Teresa’s relationship throughout the show is major, although if you were to watch the episodes out of order you would not really be too lost. It’s possible you would spoil some things for yourself, but the storyline is only briefly connected.  

There are two seasons of Sirens currently on Netflix, the first has 10 episodes and the second has 13, the episodes run for about 23 minutes each. You will be wishing for more once you finish, trust me.