Netflix and Chill with Gabbi: Making A Murderer

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Tribeca Film Festival
April 21, 2016

Photo Courtesy of Youtube.

The weekend’s here in Syracuse are getting colder and everyone is looking for a better option than going to Mully’s, so why not binge watch the most tweeted show so far this year? Making A Murderer is a documentary mini series about the corrupted government. The documentary took 10 years to make and is very well done due to the large amount of time spent on making it. I am not saying he is innocent, but the series does a pretty freaking good job proving that Steven Avery is innocent of murdering Teresa Halbach.

The series starts by explaining the first crime that Avery was arrested for, but later exonerated for 18 years after being convicted. Avery admits that throughout his teen years and into early adulthood, he was not innocent and did things that he is not proud of.

The local government of Manitowoc, Wisconsin did not like the Averys because of the trouble that they stirred up in the town. The Averys own this giant lot with their vehicle junkyard on their own private road that is where all their mobile homes are. The Avery’s shoot their guns, damage their junk cars, and raise hell over in their own private part of town. But the madness disturbs everyone around them and causes the  police to be concerned about their public presence.  

In 1985, Avery is wrongful convicted of a sexual assault and sent to prison. In Wisconsin, you cannot get parole unless you plead guilty, which Avery refused to do because he did not do it. Eighteen years later, after using DNA technology and evidence from the day of the assault, Avery is exonerated and the actual assaulter is arrested.  In 2003, Avery tries to sue Manitowoc County, the sheriff, and the district’s attorney for damages costing 36 million dollars. The lawsuit is cut short when Teresa Halbach goes missing and then her vehicle is found on the Avery’s junk car lot.

With a confession from Avery’s nephew that is pretty damning, it is clear to the police that Avery had something to do with the death of Halbach. Lines get blurry and people who should not have been working on the case do. The series follows the whole case. You will get pissed off by everything that happens.

There are 10 episodes of Making a Murderer that are one hour long each. The first episode is very boring and hard to watch, but if you make it past the 30 minute mark, the whole series really starts to pick up. The trail is very hard to watch because the whole time you will not be able to believe that there was not a mistrial, or at least I could not. Also when Steven’s final conviction happens, bring on the tissues, because you have just want through a hurricane of emotions. Watch the miniseries and come to your own conclusion, did Steven Avery murder Teresa Halbach?