The Return of Rihanna


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Photo Courtesy of Daily Mail.

“Feel like a brand new person, I don’t care I’m in love,” are the honest words sung out of Rihanna’s mouth on her song, “Same Ol’ Mistakes,” off her latest album Anti. A slower tempo seems to take over this album, a complete 180o from 2012’s Unapologetic. Perhaps Rihanna decided to go against everything she has ever done before. Anti sounds like a passion project close to her heart.

Songs like “Consideration” and “Same Old Mistakes” take on a reggae vibe, something we haven’t heard from the singer since her “good girl island days.” Every track sounds different from the next, taking on unexpected musical elements that somehow make you love each song in a strange way.

2015 gave us a glimpse into what we thought was the “new” Rihanna, with “B*tch Better Have My Money,” but boy, were we dead wrong…. “Money” isn’t even on the tracklist for Anti, and couldn’t be further from it. Maybe it was a trick to get more hype for this album? TELL US RIH RIH.

Lead single, “Work” featuring Drake, could easily be “What’s My Name? Part 2,” but it takes on a harsher vibe. Rihanna throws annunciation out the window and repetitively sings what sounds like “wor wor wor,” which I guess the new “work” without the k. I get it though, she’s cool, it doesn’t matter.

The bass is infectious, and Rihanna dabbles in her usual R&B island beats. There’s also a rumor that the music video was filmed a couple weeks ago in California, so be on the lookout for that to pop up on the internet any day now.

Rihanna always manages to keep her bada** reputation while still dipping her music in the pop candy bowl. I can already hear “Work” bleeding through my car speakers on my way to work. Not to mention at every house party.

Anti could easily be Rihanna’s most emotional album to date, not to mention, most experimental. We hear classical elements on “Higher” where Rihanna reminds fans of her insanely glorious voice that we almost forgot she had. “Close To You” is a piano ballad, similar to her hit single “Stay.” “To You” feels more intimate and pretty as Rihanna sings, “But I’m in love, can’t blame me for checking, I look in your direction, hoping that the message goes.” Other songs feel very new. “Woo” takes musical cues from Travis Scott (Rihanna’s rumored beau) who is also featured on the background vocals. A harsh beat and electric guitar make you feel like Rihanna’s yelling at you in the coolest way.

This album felt like a big shock to most people, some fans were disappointed, others rejoiced. Either way, give Anti a good long listen, from start to finish. The high quality musical production will soak into your bloodstream and you’ll remember why you’re a Rihanna fan in the first place. She is far beyond the Top 40 baby girl who sang “Pon De Replay” 11 years ago.