LSDC Fall Preview


Every year around this time, the Performing Arts Center hosts their highly anticipated dance show. We get to watch our talented friends dance to some of our favorite songs, prancing in glittery outfits and flipping their hair to the beat. I’m talking about the Le Moyne Student Dance Company (LSDC), of course.

This year, LSDC is the biggest it’s ever been with a total of 48 dancers. They will put on a show featuring 12 dances ranging from hip-hop, jazz, contemporary, lyrical, and even a performance from the step team!

“Everyone has put in so much work and effort to help make this show be great and it is really paying off…each and every one of them are dedicated and truly love to dance and be on stage. When you have all that positive attitude in a club, only good things can come from it!” says Senior and Executive Director Jenna Salvatore.

We witness it onstage, how close all these girls become with each other. A close knit family is born through this company and it’s very clear as you watch them dance together.

“We try to keep rehearsals light and fun for the most part. We are here to learn dances, but we want to make sure everyone has fun with it,” says Salvatore. “That’s honestly our biggest goal, is to make sure people leave rehearsals with smiles on their faces. Some rehearsals are more serious (typically the ones leading up to the show), but no matter what, we all still have fun!”

Nine students will be dancing for the last time this year. Salvatore calls these seniors, “strong, beautiful dancers who work extremely hard.” For someone who has wanted the position of Executive Director since she was a freshman, Salvatore can’t thank her group of dancers enough for all their hard work this semester.

One of the head choreographers, Vicki Harris, has been involved in LSDC for five semesters now. What was once a group of girls on campus quickly became family to Vicki.

“I was very homesick my first semester at Le Moyne and LSDC really helped me overcome my homesickness…. This made college a little less scary and it was nice to have something important in my life to come back to when I would go home for breaks,” says Harris.

LSDC has benefited Harris in more ways than one. She learned how to be a leader to her peers, and how to express herself through her creativity.

Their fall show is bound to be entertainingly beautiful. Harris says, “Each semester our shows provide an amazing bonding opportunity for all of the dancers. It’s so rewarding to see everyone become even closer and to watch our organization become a giant family.”