Does Le Moyne Got Talent?

Le Moyne recently hosted a talent show in Grewen Auditorium that provided students with a platform to showcase their skills. The event was hosted by Paul Rich and Karl Kodweis.

Things got a little tense when a judge confronted John Gavin Lara during his stand-up routine for jokes perceived as insensitive towards gender identity and women. The act was cut short. At the end of the evening, this had to be addressed by the judges. However, given all of the great acts prior, this should not overshadow the entire evening. There was plenty more to remember the event for.

Alex Kondj kicked off the evening performing Edwin McCain’s “I’ll Be,” on an acoustic guitar. Then, Le Moyne’s own band, Summit, consisting Donald Monroe and Ted Tobin performed, with Monroe playing lead guitar and Tobin playing rhythm and singing. Ben Rodgers played an original song, performed on acoustic guitar and harmonica, giving it a real Dylan feel. Meredith Cuddihy mixed things up with a cover of Lindsey Stirling’s “Take Flight” on electric violin, with which she had a prepared dance to accompany. The cover started out quietly with just her playing with a piano recording, but soon gained steam with a dub beat.

Danielle Laurin sang “How Great Art Thou,” a religious song. Tristin Juliene, introduced as The IT Guy, also did something a bit different. He performed a fingerstyle version of “Trap Queen” by Fetty Wap. The brief cover was instrumental and was arranged by him. Tim Grader sang “She’s Always a Woman” by Billy Joel, taking the classical vocal approach. Grader was followed by Kwasi Yeboah, who presented a spoken word on Syria. He performed it from memory, with the cadence and the diction of an orator.

Megan Poirier followed, playing and singing Adele’s newest hit, “Hello,” on piano with the same stripped down feel of the original. Isaiah Bailey then sang One Direction’s “Story of My Life,” also giving the ballad a classical feel through his chosen vocals. Dean Comstock arranged an instrumental Beatles medley consisting of “While My Guitar Gently Weeps,” “Day Tripper,” and “Here Comes the Sun,” which he performed on electric guitar. Comstock included the hooks, melodies, and rhythm in his arrangement. Last year’s victor Alice Olom (who was also a judge for this year) took the stage and performed “If I Ain’t Got You” by Alicia Keys (out of competition).

Zara Shaikh sang “Safe and Sound” by Taylor Swift, harmonizing with a friend, before Bradleigh Sabourin, “The Hula Hoop Girl,” closed the show with her newest choreographed hula hoop tricks. Bradleigh was accompanied by “Sing Sing Sing.”

While the judges scored the acts, Rich and Kodweis performed a song about Chipotle that they wrote to the tune of “Bad Day.”

Both Cuddihy and Grader received honorable mentions for their performances and an award of $50. Third place went to Bailey, who received $100. Sabourin placed second, with a prize of $200. The big winner of the evening was Kwasi Yeboah, receiving the $300 top prize.