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Tribeca Film Festival
April 21, 2016

Netflix began releasing their new shows and I binged watched Master of None in one sitting so I could review it for all of you. No regrets at all, people. This show had me laughing so hard that my housemates were giving me dirty looks.

Master of None was created by Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang. A majority of the script was created with the help of all the actors in the show. If you read my first article about Parks & Rec [Throwback Thursday, literally] you will know that I love Ansari and basically everything he touches is gold. The best part of Master of None, if you ask me, is that Ansari had help from everyone in his family with the show. His brother, Aniz, helped write for the show and his parents both acted in the show.

Master of None stars Ansari as the main character, Dev, who is just trying to get through life as a late twenty-something year old. Dev struggles between trying to land a solid acting job, settling down with someone, and everything in between. A [late] coming-of-age story that is so much more than romance, Master of None will make you feel things, both funny and sad.

Noel Wells, who is best known for being on the more recent seasons of Saturday Night Live, also stars in this show. Noel has been in a few other shows, but this is her first time starring in one.

Dev’s best friend on the show is Arnold, played by Eric Wareheim, and he just deserves a shout out in this review. He is extremely funny and, at times, provides the comic relief for the more serious situations in the show. He definitely makes the show interesting and sometimes awkward. But I will not lie to you, this show is a little awkward at times. The acting in the beginning will make you feel uncomfortable because it is slow to start, but you will get there if you keep watching, trust me.

This Netflix original show was released on Nov. 6 and has one season with 10 episodes that run about 30 minutes each.