Netflix & Chill with Gabbi: How To Get Away With Murder

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Make sure you go to Target and stock up on some discount bite-size candy before you start this week’s show because you are about to neglect all your work and day to day activities. I know this because it was my life for the past week. My friend Emily recently recommended that I start How To Get Away With Murder [HTGAWM, for short], and I just have to say…thanks dude. Anyways, this show is seriously addicting, I just have to reiterate that fact.

First things first, Annalise Keating, played by Viola Davis, is my new idol, hands down. Never before have I wanted to take the LSATs, go to law school, and become a bada— defense attorney.  It is hard to say bada— and have all of you realize how freaking awesome she is. I would personally not mess with her. She deserves ALL THE AWARDS! [Remember that meme? Probably not.]

The whole show really revolves around the death of a sorority girl and the events that lead up to her death. The show is told in a series of flashbacks and real time, so pay close attention to what’s going on. The suspense from episode to episode will kill you in the 15 second buffer time Netflix has and will make you feel really bad for those who watched it week to week.

The show includes a lot of newcomers and people unknown to the general public. The actors’ ability to come from Type-A law student to being totally freaked out will almost make you think that they are two different people. Conor Walsh, played by Jack Falahee, is a perfect example of having a great acting range, especially for the events his character has to face. Also worth mentioning, he’s so attractive. Sorry, not sorry.

Matt McGorry, a la Orange is the New Black, is also in this show. He plays Asher Millstone, a rich boy only getting through law school because of his daddy. Do not expect any Bennett from McGorry in this show, because Asher is the complete opposite. It will trip you up to see him play a completely opposite character on HTGAWM.

Netflix currently only has the first season, 15 episodes running roughly 45 minutes each. The second season started a few weeks ago and can be watched on HTGAWM plays on ABC Thursdays at 10 p.m..