Netflix & Chill with Gabbi: Killer Legends

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If you are in the mood for a scare this Halloweekend, but, like me, you don’t really like the gore or jump scares, then you should check out real life horror. The best place to find real life horror on Netflix is in the documentary section. And no, I am not directing you to the paranormal documentary section.

Killer Legends is a crime documentary that digs deep into the real life crimes that inspired urban legends such as the man with a hook for a hand, poisoned halloween candy, when a stranger calls the babysitter, and killer clowns. Every young child knows these urban legends, despite some of them being a little old for our generation.

One urban legend is the story of couples being murdered by a man with a hook while they are at lovers’ lane is something that sounds like it would have been more of a problem for our grandparents. Despite it being an older urban legend, we still all have heard of it and have seen it in movies.

Director Joshua Zeman and his partner Rachel Mills go to Texarkana, Texas to invest the murders performed by the Phantom killer.

In my personal opinion, the scariest truth behind a urban legend is of the Candyman and poisoned halloween candy. My parents always checked my candy as a child, so this one was interesting to learn about. I do not wanna say too much, but trust me, this one throws you for a curveball.

Killer Legends was released in March of 2014 and runs for 86 minutes. If you like this documentary, Zeman co-directed a similar documentary from 2009 that looks into the truths of the urban legend of Cropsey, which is widely known in Staten Island. [In short: Cropsey is the real life “boogeyman” of Staten Island and during the late 80s, five kids went missing, bringing the legend to life.] Those should keep you creeped out enough to keep the lights on while you sleep this Halloween.