The Grinder


Photo Courtesy of Variety.

Out of all the new series that have popped up during pilot season, one that you may have come across but didn’t think twice about is The Grinder on FOX.

Rob Lowe [The West Wing, Parks and Recreations] plays Dean Sanderson, a big time television lawyer who has ended that chapter of his life since the show’s ending. He goes back home to his lawyer brother Stewart [Fred Savage from The Wonder Years], his sister-in-law Debbie [Mary Elizabeth Ellis from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia], his niece and nephew, and his lawyer father Dean Sr. [William Devane from 24].

This is where he realizes that he needs to be in the family business, and that since he played a lawyer for so many years on television, he completely qualifies for the job. With only three aired episodes so far, I have laughed out loud quite a lot in those 30-minute sessions. Between Dean’s confidence, Stewart’s lack of confidence, and the family dynamic, there is much that you can relate to with this show. It reminds you that every family has a member that can’t quite see reality and that telling them forwardly just drives them the other way. Maybe reverse psychology might just work instead.

So on Tuesday’s at 8:30 p.m. when you’re stressing about homework, take a break and tune into FOX because you will definitely get in a few good laughs.