Demi Lovato is Confident

Photo Courtesy of People.

Photo Courtesy of People.

“Cool for the Summer” was just a quick glimpse into the new side of Demi Lovato that we’ve never seen before. Her fifth album, Confident, was just released this past week and it proves that Lovato is at the peak of her musical success. She’s done with the sob stories and sadness, this album is all about being a confident grown woman.

If there’s one thing Lovato does exceptionally well on this album, it’s showing her vocal growth. Her control and skill is something not typically seen in the pop genre; Lovato breaks that mold. Whether she’s accompanied by backup dancers in shiny leather or a grand piano, she knows how to kill it every time, and always manages to make it look easy along the way.

One of the standout tracks on the album is the chilling, “Stone Cold.” Lovato sings, “Stone cold, stone cold/Maybe if I don’t cry, I won’t feel anymore….” A subtle string section, drum, and piano guide this song into a church hymn you can’t help but fall in love with. “Cold” tells the story of a broken relationship, and if there’s one song on this album that conveys the most emotion, it’s this one. This takes “Skyscraper” and drags it on the pavement for miles and miles.

The beginning of the album serves some serious pop vibes with songs like, the Britney Spears-esque “Confident,” “Old Ways,” and the hip-hop infused “Kingdom Come [feat. Iggy Azalea].” The other end of the album takes a slower turn with emotional songs like “Wildfire,” “Lionheart,” and “Father.” All of these songs are vocally powerful and portray some serious life material…but also seem a little overkill. I was hoping Lovato would do more with the music you hear on “Confident.”

This album does a lot to prove that Demi can sing, which is something we already knew. With the exception of a couple songs, this album does seem to be the most experimental she’s ever gone with her music, but I was really expecting more. She gives the usual couple pop hits that you’re going to be sick of within a month or two and then the really painfully beautiful songs that people will always listen to and say, “Wow, her voice is flawless.”

I still wanted more though. Maybe this just means that her next album will push the envelope even further and will finally make me proud.


3 out of 5 dolphins