Why The Daily Show is Still Awesome


Photo Courtesy of Comedy Central

If you’re familiar with The Daily Show, then you probably know who Jon Stewart is. Stewart, who hosted the show since 1999, held his final show in August. The torch has now been passed onto Trevor Noah, a former Daily Show correspondent and a comedian from South Africa.

Over a million viewers, including myself, tuned in on Sept. 28 to see if Noah could pull off the seemingly impossible task of being up to par with the legendary Jon Stewart. And in my opinion, he got off to a great start. Noah had plenty of jokes that were well-timed and anyone who was watching could instantly tell he was having a great time.

If you’re worried that The Daily Show will never be as good as it once was, don’t. Besides the host, of course, the only other things that aren’t the same are the desk and the font of the title [as mentioned by one of the correspondents]. What made The Daily Show so good wasn’t just Stewart himself, but the great writers behind the show. The same hilarious writers that were with the show, before Jon left, are still there and so are the correspondents, along with some great new ones.

Some of the more memorable jokes made on the show’s premiere were Noah comparing himself to “our new black step-dad”, and how he accepted the job to host The Daily Show after the Americans that were asked before him turned the job down, proving “once more, a job that Americans rejected is now being done by an immigrant.” Noah definitely has what it takes to live up to Stewart’s’ expectations and only time will tell if he can become the next great Late Night sensation, but as of now, things are definitely looking bright for the new host.

You can catch The Daily Show every Monday through Thursday at 11 p.m. on Comedy Central [48-3] or any time on Hulu.com and cc.com.