Netflix & Chill with Gabbi: Parks & Recreation

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photo via Abby Haessig ’16

Parks and Recreation is an NBC comedy tv series that recently ended last February. The seventh and final season of the show generated 4.57 million views. The show is mockumentary style much like “The Office”, which most of its writers and producers also worked on.

The show illustrates the life of Leslie Knope, a politician working in the local parks and recreation office of her town, played by Amy Poehler. Most of the characters in the show work within city hall, and for those who do not, they sure do seem to spend a lot of time there.

“Parks and Rec” has lots of episodes, some of them are lost in translation, and or stand out for fans. Many people were able to connect so deeply with the characters because of their likeability. Even minor characters, such as Little Sebastian, Jean-Ralphio, and Tammy Two, stand out in viewers’ eyes due to their uniqueness. The show is based in the town of Pawnee, Indiana and makes a place like Middle America seem very interesting. The show sheds light on some social issues, such as obesity and feminism, but in such a tasteful way that you keep laughing at the outlandish characters.

The show really gets going in the third season when Rob Lowe (Chris Traeger) and Adam Scott (Ben Wyatt) become full time cast members.The show also introduced the world to some of the funniest people that had hardly been discovered. Aziz Ansari (Tom Haverford) was known to most people only for his stand up before his work as a cast member on “Parks and Rec”. Being on the show, really expanded his talents and showed the world that he was much more than a stand up comedian. Aubrey Plaza also did not have many jobs acting before she landed the role as April Ludgate. Plaza is now widely known for her darker humor and ability to deliver that comedy well. But the chemistry between all the characters is what really kept the comedy going for seven seasons.

Next time you are looking for something to binge watch on Netflix make sure to consider “Parks and Rec” because it will have you rolling for hours. The show has 125 episodes and they are all roughly 22 minutes without commercials. Unfortunately, the seventh season of the show is not on Netflix, yet.