Lady Gaga, “Till It Happens To You”

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February 23, 2017
Photo Courtesy of Twitter

Photo Courtesy of Twitter

Lady Gaga just released a new song last week. I know what you’re thinking: “Great, another pop song that will be replayed on the radio for months, followed by some weird, out-of-left field music video with her in weird costumes.” But this time it’s different.

Lady Gaga’s new song is called, “Till It Happens To You”. It is a ballad co-written by Lady Gaga and Diane Warren for the 2015 documentary film, The Hunting Ground, which deals with campus rape in America.

It is hard not to get emotional hearing this song with lyrics such as, “Till it happens to you, you don’t know how it feels, till it happens to you, you won’t know it won’t be real.” This song helps put words to the emotions following being sexually assaulted, and how unless you have been in that position where your innocence has been taken away,  you don’t know what it’s like.

There was also a music video released with this single as well. If you think the lyrics are powerful, you haven’t seen anything yet. The black-and-white music video starts with a warning message: “The following contains graphic content that may be emotionally unsettling but reflects the reality of what is happening daily on college campuses.”

The video portrays the different settings in which being sexually assaulted takes place: one young girl being drugged and raped in a bedroom at a party and another being raped in a bathroom. It also shows the aftermath of being assaulted and how these girls’ lives were changed.  Near its ending, the music video displays the message: “One in five college women will be sexually assaulted this year unless something changes.”

This is a very powerful message that is wrapped up in this three minute song and video. It raises awareness that these things do happen, and they will continue to happen unless people band together to make a needed change. Take this song’s messages as a warning; and don’t wait till it happens to you to do something about it.

One in five is one too many.