King Kylie

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Fashion week brought fashion and…APPs!! Kylie, Kendall, Khloe, and Kim all launched their new apps containing tons of exclusive content and personal touches. So of course I had to see what all the fuss was about.

Kylie Jenner has been making headlines over the past year…mainly for her style choices, boyfriend choices, and for being insanely cool. Her app gives you the inside scoop into her life. This includes: fashion, beauty, life, and even “Kylie Radio” which plays Kylie’s favorite music [you’ve probably seen her lip syncing in her snapchats] like a shuffled playlist. Every section of the app has a handwritten note from Kylie explaining why she loves a certain pair of shoes, new artist, bras, and even dog collars. Kylie’s fierce fashion eye echoes perfectly throughout this app. It’s a fashionista’s dream, complete with makeup tutorials to get that perfect Kylie glow.

Kylie gets really personal and even does live streams every now and then, making you feel as if you’re facetiming her — even if it is to just laugh as her and Khloe twerk around their glam room to Nicki Minaj. Yes I said “glam room.” Wait, you don’t have one?

She even talks about why her chest looks slightly…larger. No, she didn’t get surgery. But, she did get some help from a company with the initials VS.

The catch? $2.99 per month. Is it worth it? That $2.99 could go towards my next burrito bowl. But here’s where they get you: the subscription is hooked up through your iTunes account, which means it’s SO EASY to forget you’re even paying for anything.

According to, the sisters acquired 900,000 followers only after a few hours of the apps being released. These ladies could be raking in $32 million in just one year! That’s a lot of money….

How about you guys save some money, pay me only $1.99 per month and I’ll tell you everything that happened on the app that month. Deal? Deal.