Heroes Reborn


Photo Courtesy of Forbes

It’s been five years and seven months since the unexpected conclusion of Heroes was aired on NBC in 2010. Thankfully, the years of rumors have come true and us fans have a new series to dive into, Heroes Reborn.

It includes old cast members like Noah Bennett a.k.a. Horn Rimmed Glasses [Jack Coleman], Dr. Mohinder Suresh [Sendhil Ramamurthy], Hiro Nakamura [Masi Oka] and even Micah Sanders [Noah Grey-Cabey]; while also adding cast members like Chuck’s Zachary Levi, Step Up Revolution’s Ryan Guzman, and Once Upon a Time’s Robbie Kay.

True Heroes fans know that there are so many backstories to the series besides what was aired every week. There were/are webisodes with bits and pieces to new characters, their abilities, how they’re hiding or controlling them, and what’s going on in the world around them. They barely repeat stories, which can make it complicated, but  also very intriguing to read about.

Thanks to iTunes and NBC, they released a free full episode that I thought was the pilot, but was actually a digital prequel that tied Heroes to Heroes Reborn called Heroes Reborn: Dark Matters. If you’re interested and get the chance to watch it, you most definitely should. At times, it did seem poorly written and the animation hasn’t grown as much as I would’ve liked, BUT it still made me so pumped for the 24th!

It follows the story of a teen named Phoebe Frady, played by Degrassi’s Aislinn Paul. She’s what is now known as an EVO; thanks to the season four finale of Claire Bennett’s [Hayden Panettiere] revealing and the influence of an EVO advocator from the webisode. Phoebe decides to show her funny, older brother/guardian, Quentin [Henry Zebrowski], her ability, which is to control light, and blows him away by showing her shadow wave to him. As the webisode follows Phoebe for two years, it’s revealed that if she can control light, she can also control darkness and that coming out to people, other than her brother makes her a threat since society as a whole has not accepted EVO’s yet. Her story ties in with the terrorist attack that forces all EVO’s into hiding and sets the tone for Heroes Reborn. There are several parts intertwined that include her brother, Primatech/Renatus, Dr. Suresh, and HRG that embellishes the whole storyline.

This prequel answers some of the bigger questions such as, “Why did the creators continue on with the story?” while giving us more questions to follow up with on the new series. How can the minds of so many be changed when all EVO’s are branded as terrorists? What are some new abilities? Will Noah Bennett switch to Circular Rimmed Glasses?

We’ll have to find out for ourselves in the 2-hour series premiere Sept. 24 on NBC at 8 p.m.