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“Grey’s Anatomy”

Yes, Derek is dead, but “Grey’s Anatomy” lives on. Shonda Rhimes, the writer of “Grey’s Anatomy”, has killed off many important characters throughout the past 11 seasons. There have been dramatic and emotional deaths, leaving audiences with mixed emotions all over the world. At the end of last season when the world found out that Derek Shepherd was actually dead, no one was happy. Will this change make things better or worse for Grey’s?

Well, viewers trying to remain optimistic may have some theories about “McDreamy’s” death. Some may say, this will allow the show to have a lighter and more fun atmosphere for the characters, like Meredith.

Since Meredith has been tied down for such a long time, the idea of her interacting with other men will surely be an awkward and funny experience. The Hollywood Reporter on the other hand suspects this new season won’t be focusing on Meredith finding love again. In an interview with Ellen Pompeo, who plays Meredith, she talks about how her character is constantly on a journey,  and this new season will continue that.

Season 12 premieres on Thursday, Sept. 24. So turn your TV to ABC at 8 pm and see what’s next for Meredith and the doctors of Grey Sloan Memorial.


The most toxic couple on television is back for a new season of drama. Last season has left the audience thinking that Olivia Pope and President Fitz would end up together, but we shouldn’t get our hopes up. If you are a true “Scandal” fan, you know that Olivia and Fitz’s relationship is like an on and off switch. Most of the fans only remember what happened between Olivia and Fitz, but what about the other characters? At the end of last season, Cyrus Beene, the President’s right hand man was banished from the white house for treachery. But if you know anything from watching this show, you know Cyrus will be back. And don’t forget about Olivia’s father, Rowan Pope, who was put behind bars by his own daughter [Olivia Pope]. Is Olivia going to let her father rot in jail? They don’t call the show “Scandal” for nothing. After you probably cry your eyes out on Grey’s, stay tuned for a brand new season of “Scandal” at 9 p.m.

“How to Get Away With Murder”

If the title doesn’t intrigue you enough, I don’t know what will. Season 2 of “How to Get Away With Murder” will make you want to miss going downtown on Thursday’s. The new episodes will finally give the viewers the answers they have been waiting for. Since the episodes of Season 1 teased the audience with clues about who Lila’s killer may be, the murderer will finally be announced on Sept. 24. Annalise Keating, played by the Tony-winning actress, Viola Davis, and her five-star students will continue to deal in crisis day-to-day. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the showrunner, Pete Nowalk, explains how Annalise, along with her students, struggle with their role in the murder of Sam Keating- Annalise’s husband. Season 2 will show how each character comes to terms [or not] with what they have done. The question that lingers . . . Will they get away with Sam’s murder?