Scream Queens Take Campus!


Photo Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly

Ryan Murphy is back at it again. With plenty of quick witted monologues, fancy guest stars, and lots of “wtf” moments. His new comedy horror show “Scream Queens” premieres Tues. Sept. 22 at 8 p.m. on the FOX network. So how bad can it be if it’s on at 8 o’clock, right?

With an all-star cast, including Emma Roberts as the President of the sorority house, Jamie Lee Curtis as the college’s dean, Lea Michele as a nerdy college student, KeKe Palmer as a student named Zayday, Ariana Grande as Chanel #2, and even some guest appearances by Nick Jonas and Patrick Schwarzenegger, this show is bound to be exciting from start to finish.

Murphy and creative partner Brad Falchuk wanted to combine their love of horror movies like Halloween and sassy female driven movies like Heathers and Clueless. Scream Queens centers around a pledge from the 90’s gone wrong that leaves a killer on the loose looking for vengeance by murdering  people on a college campus.

Lea Michele, known for her role as Rachel Berry in the TV series Glee also written by Ryan Murphy, received a phone call from Murphy saying, “New show, Jamie Lee Curtis, neck brace, are you in?”. She knew she couldn’t say no. Since then, Michele has made it known how much she loves the show and the cast she gets to work with everyday; “I feel so grateful to Ryan for including me in Scream Queens.”

Fans couldn’t be more excited for the premiere, taking to Twitter to show their support; “Fall is coming up, are you ready for Scream Queens cause me, i’m ready,” “18 days till #ScreamQueens lol I’m so ready,” “So glad KeKe Palmer is gonna be on #ScreamQueens I love her.”

Murphy is a busy man, working on this show while also promoting his new season of American Horror Story titled Hotel, which is also premiering this fall. There’s no doubt, your fall season will be full of comedy, horror, and a whole lot of Ryan Murphy.