Fall Movie Preview, Part 2

Spectre [Nov. 6]: Daniel Craig’s James Bond has his fourth feature, following the excellent Skyfall. Craig will hopefully continue his streak as one of the best Bonds.

Trumbo [Nov. 6]: Bryan Cranston portrays Dalton Trumbo, one of the most prominent black-listed screenwriters during the McCarthy-era — and one of the few to have a career surviving it. Cranston is easily one of the best actors alive and Louis C.K. will be in a supporting role. You won’t want to miss this.

Mockingjay: Part 2 [Nov. 20]: A huge franchise finally concludes. Being one of the few recent film series to not have a misstep or embarrassment, this will be a great Thanksgiving weekend movie.

Carol [Nov. 20]: Todd Haynes finally follows his masterpiece about Bob Dylan [2007’s I’m Not There] with this film starring Rooney Mara and Cate Blanchett, as two women in the ‘50s who begin a secret romance.

The Good Dinosaur [Nov. 25]: Pixar made a major comeback with the beautiful Inside Out this year. With this even more ambitious movie, Pixar seems to be having an excess of creativity once again.

Creed [Nov. 25]: Ryan Coogler follows his insightful and spectacular Fruitvale Station with this Rocky sequel.

The Night Before [Nov. 25]: Seth Rogen’s latest comedy involves a trio of friends doing a Christmas Eve tradition for the last time. While this should be great, the preview suggests it will exercise Rogen’s overly-crass side.

I Saw The Light [Nov. 27]: Tom Hiddleston is Hank Williams in this new country music biopic, which also stars Elizabeth Olsen.

Star Wars: Episode VII: The Force Awakens [Dec. 18]: J.J. Abrams steps in for George Lucas to continue a saga and, hopefully, redeem it after its decline.

Sisters [Dec. 18]: Tina Fey and Amy Poehler star as sisters having a house party in their childhood home before it’s sold. Although Poehler is always a delight, Fey peaked with the third season of 30 Rock and this film appears to rely heavily on gross-out humor.

The Hateful Eight [Dec. 25]: Tarantino follows Django with a spaghetti western epic. This should be one of the year’s best, and is definitely one of the most exciting releases of the year. Tarantino is a master and even if this is his first failure, it will be a marvelous one.

The Revenant [Dec. 25]: Alejandro Inarritu didn’t even take a moment to breathe after he dominated this year’s Oscars. He is going into a totally different direction than Birdman, a western epic about betrayal and revenge. Shot in extremely cold conditions, Inarritu is truly dedicated to his work.

Joy [Dec. 25]: The great David O. Russell casts Jennifer Lawrence for the third time in a row, this time as Joy Mangano, the creator of the Miracle Mop. This will be no ordinary biopic, however. Russell will be turning this into a dark comedy about the struggle of a single mother creating an empire over many years. Another one that should be seen by everyone.

Concussion [Dec. 25]: This brave movie takes on the NFL’s negligence of brain trauma caused to players, and the man trying to save the victims. While the trailer looks a lot like a dramatic thriller and Will Smith isn’t a very strong actor, this movie is nonetheless important, and one to keep on your radar.